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  1. What month will the magazine with the playably demo for SWB2 be realeased in?
  2. Battlefront 2 presentations http://xboxzone.com.au/forums/dload.php?action=file&file_id=269 http://xboxzone.com.au/forums/dload.php?action=file&file_id=271 You will have to register, but just make a fake one...use you swbattlefront.net profile or the one that you are currently on. It really cool!
  3. exactly...jedi/heroes are there if you want to use it and for those who want to use jedi/heroes.
  4. About the expansion thing...a well for those with PS2 might prefer the SWB2 rather than an expansion.
  5. Yes.True.That would be interesting.
  6. I'm pretty sure Jedi/Sith/Heroes will be able to jump into to vehicles.
  7. Custom numbers will most likely been in the PC, but the changes are limited in PS2.
  8. That is Kit Fisto for sure, but I doubt that he will be in the game because all the jedi like Ki-Adi-Mundi and Aalya Secura on the planets of Mygeeto and Felucia died on that planet. Kit Fisto died at the Chancellor Palpatine Offfice's with Mace Windu, Agen Kolar, and Saesee Tiin. But, the last 2 Jedi probably won't be in the game which probably means Kit Fisto won't be in the game.
  9. that is a possiblity and that would be neat.
  10. Yeah...the new Galactic Conquest mode looks better...longer...just looks really good.
  11. It is still an awesome website...for those who don't have dail-up.
  12. that is what i thought but it weapons that it showed didn't look like it would be weapons for a Magna Guard.
  13. http://lucasarts.com/games/swbattlefrontii/indexFlash.html#Gallery.Screenshots.PS2 try this link
  14. try the lucasarts thread...created by commanderobiwan...me! It should work
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