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  1. IBM Laptop Microsoft Windows XP Proffesional Version 2002 Service Pack 2 IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® M processor 1700MHz 1.69 GHz, 512 MB of RAM
  2. hopefully someone will answer this within a month..
  3. I am able to make a server and everything but there is a lot of lag on it, i keep getting connection interupted. is there any way to fix this?
  4. i can tell that im most likely not gonna get an answer for this...as the tech help forum seems to be dead, the previous 8 or so topics haven't received any help..soo this is a bit of a pain...
  5. any solutions, it appears to be on any lvl that has mist
  6. For Some SP Levels in Jedi Academy a lot of the objects are textureless and grey, like on hoth, i've monkeyed with all the settings in-game and nothing has worked. This is what the underground hoth lvl looks like Solutions?
  7. hmmm well it seems the posting has gone up slightly since i made this topic, maybe its reviving itself
  8. well at least with a n00b invasion there are more than 6 posts on the swbf forum in one day
  9. still i think at least this section of the lucasforums is dyin out
  10. i just meant in relating to the battlefront series...esp. mods.
  11. eh there's still gametoast forum, which was pretty much better to begin with in relating to this topic.
  12. woah is it just me or his hardly anyone posting on this battlefront section of lucasforums anymore, its like only 2 posts per day.
  13. "A protocol that sends a message to another computer and waits for acknowledgment, often used to check if another computer on a network is reachable" In other words, it's a measurement how well your connected to a server. The higher the ping the worse connection, and the more lag. Good Connections are from 5-150, slightly laggy connections are 150-280, very laggy connections are 280-400 and beyond 400 your barely connected to the server and will be prolly cut out.
  14. i have no clue, but the odd thing is that ubermode is used in modding to allow conquests to have a lot of ai, its weird
  15. yes w/ objectives, but it only works for the first few momments of the game.
  16. no..its odd, i think it was designed for another platform, because i also found another mode dag1c_smuggler which is a mode for psp, so Uber mode could be anything. its odd though, its something modders might find interesting
  17. Ok i have just found some new odd mode called Uber. you can play as hot1g_uber and kas2c_uber in your servers. I have not tried kas2c_uber yet but i have tried hot1g_uber, and it crashes after a few minutes into the game. Basically what it is is 250 ai vs 250 ai with objectives
  18. well i sort of already new about this, you can use this with any weapons, just do different effect like doing push and through your lightsaber at the same time
  19. You should join SBF. here's our main site: http://freewebs.com/sbfdude and here is our forum: http://sbfboards.phpbbweb.com and here's our recruitement video: http://rapidshare.de/files/7594188/SBFRecruitmentVideo.zip.html
  20. Basic Guide http://www.swbattlefront.net/nitpicker/swbf2commands.txt Extra Maps to add: Campaign mode maps: cor1c_c (Coruscant) dea1g_c (Death Star) fel1c_c (Felucia) geo1c_c (Geonosis) hot1g_c (Hoth) kas2c_c (Kashyyyk) mus1c_c (Mustafar) myg1c_c (Mygeeto-only host can play) nab2c_c (Naboo) pol1g_c (Polis Massa) tan1g_c (Tantive IV) uta1c_c (Utapau) yav1g_c (Yavin) spa1g_c (Space Yavin) spa2c_c (Space Coruscant) spa3c_c (Space Kashyyyk) spa4g_c (Space Mustafar) spa8c_c (Space Hoth) XL mode maps: hot1g_xl (Hoth) geo1c_xl (Geonisis)
  21. you should add the discovery me and my friend found: http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=161673
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