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  1. I like both but i do enjoy land battles better, that is my opinion. I like to use the heroes and enjoy using their special abilites.
  2. Have you run viruis tests and spyware? Try re-installing the game?
  3. Anyone, can anyone help? or an update please?
  4. Hmm, i'm not sure what firewall I have or how to check. I think it is Windows Firewall, if i remember correctly. I never have had to turn it off before though.
  5. Sorry for being late, i completed the auto-updater actually before i made this thread. I'm still confused on why it is doing this... =/
  6. I will try that, how do i know if i have the latest patches though? I don't remember what patches i have since i haven't played since until today last year. Also when i ran EaW a message poped up saying an update was needed for online. Could that be a reason why its doing this? It was a update though?
  7. Yeah i checked that, i haven't played EaW in a while-But i remember it did not do this before. -Jmaster3265
  8. Hello there, It has been a while since i have visited these forums and played EaW. Anyway to the point, i am having trouble playing multiplayer/internet on EaW. When i click connect it either says "failed to connect, or invailed name" -Jmaster3265
  9. Ok, so i am kind of confused. I haven't visited this forum in a while i stopped a bit after EaW came out and occasionly came. Anyways so now there is this new expansion coming etc. What i wonder is this the end for this RTS series? in a Q&A it was stated that this expansion timeline is 4-6 and beyond. I'm confused if it is 4-6 and beyond how come the game seems to be only based on this beyond *the made-up faction* I don't know i am really confused. Anyways so if this is 4-6 what else is there? Isn't this going to be the last one.
  10. Here is a interview on FOC that i found on the internet. Enjoy! http://www.firingsquad.com/games/empires_at_war_corruption_interview/
  11. Nope, i havent tried any nor have i been active in this forum in a while or played EaW....
  12. What made you decide to pick this as an expansion? Why not go a clone wars expansion or a new hope,empire strikes back, or return of the jedi?
  13. Huh? I am confused. I don't get what you are trying to tell or ask. :huh:
  14. Don't expect to have fun with it for long. It will get boring fairly quickly.
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