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  1. I’m really happy about this development and have been eagerly anticipating it for some time. I sincerely hope that it will be available on the App Store soon. However, even if it isn’t, their effort is really appreciated. The fact that it is already available via TestFlight is fantastic! I still have iDos installed on my iPad which was approved and later removed from the Store. It allows me to run MI1 & 2, but not CMI. Going through Apple TOS, this is the clause that will most likely cause problems (the one used to take down iDos): https://developer.apple.com/app-store/review/guidelines/ Technically speaking, ScummVM does not execute code, it interprets it. However, Apple can easily argue otherwise. Also, not really sure what “designated container area” means.
  2. Bill Tiller just shared a sneak peek of Vampyre Story 2 on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cwf_7sDv8gS/
  3. This is so interesting! Thanks a lot for sharing. Scumm Revisited 5 was really useful to me when I was developing a JS replica of the cannon mini-game in CMI. I was able to understand most of the logic by looking at the scripts. The only thing I wasn't able to properly understand was the code to handle the position and size of the cannon balls. Without proper variable names, I couldn't really make sense of it. In the end, I just used an array with all positions and sizes I measured manually. Not very elegant, but worked well.
  4. I have been a regular visitor of Mixnmojo for a long time. Although I cannot recall the exact date when I started, it must have been in 1998 or 1999 as I remember reading rumors and news about the upcoming Escape from Monkey Island. The International House of Mojo was also a significant part of my website history as it was the first proper hosting I had. Before that, the site was hosted on Geocities and Xoom, among others, which were always a pain to manage. I remember having to ask several times to get hosting and getting rejected. Mojo already had many Monkey Island sites and they didn’t want to add one more. Eventually, they did accept after several tries. Being part of Mojo also meant creating a mini-website from time to time due to server issues. These were websites temporarily hosted somewhere else with just news updates while waiting for the problem to be solved. Unfortunately, one of the downtimes was partially my fault. I was using a forum from phpBB with many modifications. That meant updating phpBB to newer versions was really difficult. Eventually, a Brazilian hacker used a known exploit from an older phpBB version and managed to get access to the server. Sorry for that!! I still visit this website almost daily to check for news and see what is being said on this forum. I hope you stick around for at least another 25 years. Happy 25th anniversary!
  5. I also have a feature request or maybe it’s already possible. It would be cool if we could take screenshots of only the content of the window. Similar to ALT+S on ScummVM. Both Windows and macOS allow to take screenshots of a window but that includes the window frame.
  6. Thanks! Worked like a charm! Easier than moving the files to a specific folder.
  7. I can confirm I no longer see duplicated variants and I didn’t even have to delete the previous installs Re-installed Escape from Monkey Island and the problem with the music is now fixed as well. Good stuff! Thanks for the fast fix. Quick question, I was trying to get MT32 to work with Monkey Island 2, but I can't figure out where to put the MT32_CONTROL.ROM. I tried putting it inside "~/Library/Application Support/Aaron Giles/DREAMM", but it didn't seem to recognise it. I also tried adding the files to the subfolders "gamedata" and "install", but it still didn't work. When I go to the Sound Configuration I always get "MIDI Port: MacOS internal MIDI (GMIDI mode).
  8. That did the trick! I now get music and our theory is confirmed
  9. Looks similar to mine. The only difference I spot is the "FullMonkeyMap.imt". Mine is 5 KB, yours 6 KB. emi.cfg from the gamedata folder: textspeed:7 joystick_enabled:1 camera_mode:0 last_save:Saves/efmi001.gsv shadowfx:2 musvolume:96 speech_mode:2 subtitles:0 moviequality:0 vocvolume:100 vocfx:1 sfxvolume:100 miscfx:2 musicquality:0 gamma:1 analog_mode:0
  10. Good news, tested EFMI with ScummVM using the same ISOs and I had exactly the same issue so it must be the ISO/files and not DREAMM Ignore that! It seems I was not copying the files inside the “Texture” folder correctly for ScummVM to play the music. It now works fine on ScummVM. Could it be related with FullMonkeyMap.imt? For ScummVm I had to use that file from both CDs and rename it to “FullMonkeyMap1.imt” (CD1) and “FullMonkeyMap2.imt” (CD2), but I noticed DREAMM only has “FullMonkeyMap.imt“ in the Install folder.
  11. Running Escape from Monkey Island - v1.0, English. The game was installed from two ISOs (one for each CD). Yes, changing the volume only affects the music playing while the menu is open (only place where it plays apart from the cutscenes). I tried changing to minimal, but the music still still didn’t play elsewhere. I can try extracting the files from the ISO and play it via ScummVM and check if there’s a problem with the music files, but I’m pretty sure I played it in the past. Let me know if that is worth checking. I did that, but the music still doesn’t play.
  12. Sorry, should have been more clear on my description. The music doesn’t play at all through out the game with two exceptions: cutscenes and options menu (pressing F1). The sounds effects and voices work everywhere though. I have a Macbook Air M1 (2020) with Ventura 12.2 (SSD).
  13. Big improvements with this version for EFMI. The audio is no longer delayed and the water effects are working perfectly!! No crashes during my short play. The only remaining issue is the music not playing, the only exception is the menu. As for MI1&2, I’m still having the variants issue. It seems that some variants are added/installed again every time I drag their folder. Monkey Island 1 variants: Monkey Island 2 variants:
  14. I do have two EGA versions. One came with the Monkey Island Anthology (8x3.5"). Not sure where I got the other one.
  15. Deleting the install folder and re-adding the games seems to have fixed the issue.
  16. Thanks Aaron! The random crash on macOS while picking up objects in Escape from Monkey Island seems fixed I did notice that I now have too many variants of The Secret of Monkey Island I did add the folder with all the games again with b9. It seems some got duplicated. Maybe it's because I added those with different versions of Dreamm? I will try deleting the DREAM folder with the data files and adding the games again to see if the problem is solved.
  17. Played a bit more of EfMI (the sound is a few seconds late, but it's playable) and got a crash after picking up the pretzels in the Scumm Bar. Trace below:
  18. I realised I also had an ISO of the original MI4 on my laptop so I gave it a go and it worked. I'm having the same issues as Jason. There's a 5-second delay for most sounds and the music only plays on the menu. On my M1, I am getting around 210 MIPS during the scene where you control Guybrush.
  19. It worked! Thanks! It doesn't crash anymore. That did the trick. Json below: I have BennyBoy launcher installed which probably changes the Monkey4.exe as I can see a "Backup" folder with "Monkey4.exe" in it.
  20. I didn't go much further than LeChuck's hold, but with that crash, I can't go much further. Apart from that, all was looking good. Seemed quite fast, especially when skipping lines. I believe the one I tried came with the Monkey Island Anthology release (Limited Run Games). My guess is that it should be the same as GOG or Steam. I tried but I keep getting the error "zsh: permission denied: ./DREAMM.app". I also tried to give full disk access to DREAMM and to the terminal but it didn't seem to work. If the list of files is enough I can send a screenshot of all the files in that folder.
  21. I believe it just opened without having to go to Settings > Privacy & Security. Not 100% sure as I was doing other things at the same time and my brain switched off It seems to be 100% reproducible, I just need to let it play for a while. You can find another log below in case it's useful. BTW, is Escape from Monkey Island already supported or that will come later? I tried dragging the games folder but it didn't recognise it. I double-checked and the folder contained the .exe.
  22. Works for me now on my Macbook Air (M1). Thanks Aaron! Although it did crash during The Curse of Monkey Island's opening intro.
  23. Very nice work! Thanks! However, I am unable to play the sounds from the *.assets.bank. I already opened a ticket on Github.
  24. Not sure if anyone already posted this, but the puzzle on Terror Island where you need to find the right path inside the cavern was initially going to use a lizard. My assumption is that the lizard would guide you to the right entrance. The leftover assets also include the lizard animation moving in different directions and freezing with fear.
  25. I was going through the game assets and found this closeup of guybrush picking up the shovel. I don't recall seeing this in the game. Does anyone remember?
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