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  1. Still Wip (texture in transparency on this screen) I think i made a vehicle for this model, i don't know if i can make that into a character model....
  2. Send me a Tutorial "how Cuillere can put his stuff in JK with XSI because he sux in animation and rigging" and i can make anything you want (I already have the plugins for maya to XSI) Neo dark age is the medieval mod for JKA ? I see the models on filefront, and that really cool mod Can't wait to beat your dragon
  3. Next Ironhide GMC TopKick ! A friend made a map for these vehicles. Screenshot soon.
  4. For JA or not, i posted here for comments... ^^;
  5. Cool dragon my friend ! What's your plan now ?
  6. Update 2 Edit : Final ? What do you think ?
  7. Omee can do that for you, it's good homework for him and i can help him. Check you PM Pahri Anyway, good work again
  8. PAMPA SENIOR ! It's my own design of the Summons of FF8 and textures are not the final Oh and...When it's done
  9. Pahri : you right, i work on this to improve the skin Omee : i make a spec shader on this tank.
  10. You right, i work on this later, i want make a pause !!! Edit :
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