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  1. Heh, no, I'm not dead yet. Just took a break from my all-encompassing World of Warcraft addiction to say hello. Every once in a while, I do drop in for a bit of nostalgia, so hello everyone!

  2. The Hottie and the Nottie. Worst ever. My daughter rented it because she wanted to enjoy it ironically. I could write a book on how bad it was. It's hard to imagine that a movie could be that bad without tearing a hole in the fabric of space/time and destroying the universe. Dishonorable mentions: House of 1000 Corpses Highlander 2 Battlefield Earth The Underworld (Denis Leary and Joe Mantegna, not the vampire/werewolf thing) Alien vs Predator Godzilla (Matthew Broderick version) The Hebrew Hammer (so bad it's just...really, really bad)
  3. Alien, Aliens >>>>>>>>>>>>> Alien3, Alien Resurrection. The fourth one had occasional moments, though. "Intruder Alert on Level One. All aliens please report to Level One." And the AvP movies were great steaming piles. heh, fixed.
  4. Ah, another aspiring guitar player. As a self-taught bass player, here's the most useful thing: Practice. And practice. And then practice some more. 1-2 hours a day at least. For years. If you want to get good. You can achieve respectability in around 3-4 years if you put the time in, but the single #1 most important factor in your progress is the amount of time and effort you put into getting better. I learned how to play by putting on tapes (yes, tapes) I liked and plunking along with them until I learned the songs or until my hands cramped up completely and I couldn't even hold a chopstick, but that's how it went. And if you're playing rock/metal and that's the direction you want to go, developing your ear is vastly more useful than reading music. I have played with literally hundreds of rock/metal musicians whether in bands, jams, auditions or just messing around and every single time someone pulled out a riff or song to show me, they played it while showing me on the fretboard. Never, ever, not once did any of them ever pull out sheet music. It's not to say reading music or music theory generally isn't good to know, but for rock, you'll rarely if ever need it.
  5. Need I point out that rebel commandos might actually live in the end...
  6. House >>>>>>>>>>>> Pets. What, she couldn't just buy another ugly dog of the same breed? Are they out of them or something? Are the winning lottery numbers buried somewhere in the dog's DNA? Does she think it's like a WoW pet respawn and the cloned dog will recognize her? Dumbass.
  7. Meh. My sport's hockey. Followed by football. Will be following the Olympics more closely in 2010 when they're in my backyard and my rent goes up 5000%.
  8. Heh I actually like the live versions of those songs better than the studio recordings, but that's just me.
  9. ^^^Oooooo, a Charvel! Where's my White Lion tape...?
  10. "Up there alongside Painkiller". Hmm. I've heard a few songs off the new one, not really blown away by any of them. I wouldn't really put Painkiller "up there" as one of their great albums; Sin After Sin, British Steel, Screaming for Vengeance, Defenders of the Faith, and their live in Japan album would all easily pwn Painkiller. *edit* Of course, Painkiller being mediocre in the Priest catalog didn't stop me from going to see the Painkiller tour, of course.
  11. Playing right now in my hometown, and I couldn't go. :crybaby::crybaby:
  12. IBTL. Sorry to be the one to tell you, but advertising other websites/forums is prohibited anywhere on LucasForums. Get ready for the lock.
  13. Hey, how ya doin'. Congratulations, you stumbled across the deadest corner of LucasForums! Yay! Head on over to the KotOR section; it's where more than about ten people post.
  14. Most of the armours and weapons the random loot generator spawns at high PC levels will easily break down into the thousands of components. The best way to do it IMHO is to head over to Nar with a fully leveled-up Bao-Dur or Mira or whoever is the most highly skilled party member, equip them with all the skill-boosting wardrobe item you have and use the workbench just off the landing site. TSL will throw way more bits and pieces of junk at you than you'll ever even begin to use anyway, so just go nuts.
  15. @zemegauser: First, with that guardian build, I didn't see your constitution stat. You definitely want to beef that up. If you're a lightsaber fighter you always have to get in close, and some enemies (ie: viper kinrath) not only have high defense but can be quite heavy hitters. In the early levels, they can be a handful without judicious use of your party members. You have them for a reason, and besides, in TSL they gain a variety of useful bonuses if you can advance your influence far enough. So if you want to forego using the force powers, just armour up. DS Jedi Consular >> Sith Lord = Uber. My favourite way to play TSL. It does take a little while before you're very powerful, but once you hit the late teens, fuhgettaboutit. You can spam Force Storm ad nauseum and never even come close to exhausting your force points. Everything except getting rushed by several very powerful enemies will be toast. Almost makes the game too easy, really.
  16. Quite a bit better, in fact. I wasn't a big fan of the first Hellboy, but I though this movie was really quite good. As for the characters, the real stars of Hellboy 2 are the creatures that Del Toro thought up. The troll market scenes, tooth fairies, badass forest god, the Irish stone gateway thing and the Golden Army itself were the best collection of weird critters onscreen since...well, probably Pan's Labyrinth. The elf-Prince kung fu battles rank up there with any lightsaber fights from any Star Wars movie, and I thought the moments of comic relief were genuinely funny, which is getting very rare in Hollywood movies. Abe and Hellboy getting drunk and singin Barry Manilow...priceless. On the downside, I still can't stand Jeffery Tambor. His presence ruins any and all ability for me to take a movie seriously. And getting Seth MacFarlane to use his Klaus the talking fish from American Dad voice for the new team member Dr. Krauss also pulled me right out of the fantasy. His locker room battle with Hellboy was one of the humour highlights, however. All in all, definitely worth seeing.
  17. : 8-track stereos and ashtrays were standard equipment in new cars. : Absolutely everyone on the planet knew the Star Wars theme song and was heartily sick of it. : Teachers didn't even have first names, much less families or lives outside of a classroom. : The only men I ever saw wearing earrings were on the tv news doing something called "protesting". Then Mom changed the channel. : Changing tv channels involved walking. Judicious choice and considerable debate were involved; after all, watching something else called for moving. : Computers were strange, curious things with green screens that had some weird moon-man language written on them. If you knew someone clever, they could type out a series of sentences of confusing gibberish in the monochromatic glowing lime aura, and then a whole lot of confusing gibberish would scroll and scroll, and your little head would peer up uncertainly to the grown-up who would look down in rosy anticipation of your heartfelt validation of their brilliance. You could never see what the big deal was, let alone why everyone was saying these comp-ee-you-tor thingies would be in every home soon. Some bright sparks in the newspaper were saying a "Home Computer Revolution" was coming; it all sounded so dire, as if computers were massing somewhere and marching in drills to prepare for the offensive. In your uncomprehending child's mind, you imagine clunky, grey plastic boxes crouching in the shadows behind the hedges, hunkered down behind the birdfeeder holding little bayonets, waiting for the exact moment to leap out and invade your home!!! : Disco had only been stupid and lame once. : Def Leppard hadn't gotten stupid and lame yet. : The Rolling Stones were only old instead of geriatric. : Having a telephone conversation outside your house or place of work could only be accomplished with a public payphone. If using this phone and someone should approach, the talker would turn away, quiet themselves, hold their hand over the receiver, or just generally try to maintain some level of privacy. : The only place you could encounter the phrase "Ten million dollar NHL hockey player" was in a science fiction novel.
  18. Aaaaack. Check that. Addendum to my all-dead band: Substitute Gar Samuelson for Bonzo. Just because I've been sick of Led Zeppelin since about 1988. Was just flipping through wikipedia the other day looking for dead musicians. Did you know one of the guitar players from Ratt died of AIDS and weighed about 400 pounds when he died? There's also a musician (stage)named Dead. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_(musician) For your edification.
  19. Hmph. Okay, if we're counting dead people too, here's my All-Dead band: Vocals: Duet--Bon Scott and Janis Joplin. Guitars: Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn. Bass: Jaco Pastorius or John Entwistle. Drums: Bonzo. Oh, and I'm adding someone to my first list. Remix Engineer: Al Jorgensen.
  20. BWA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Hee-hee-hee...kids are funny. What, you think that kind of thing never occurred to us when we were young? Seriously though, make sure you pick decent colours when you have the firebird filled in. If you're ever looking at a potential sketch and you have to think about whether or not you like it, that means you don't. The right colours and design are instantly appealing, and don't let the tattooist bully or rush you into making any decisions you aren't comfortable with.
  21. At greater expense and pain than their application. Not covered by any medical plan, and still leaves visible scarring most of the time.
  22. Tattoos sound like a great idea when you're young, but when you're 34 and can't take off your shirt at the beach, you feel just a bit like an idiot. Also, you should check out my cousin's ex. Biker. Got the full upper-body patch twenty years ago; now he looks like a comic book that was left out in the rain. Although in all fairness, the phoenix does look cool.
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