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  1. Well how about buying old computer ( not too expensive ). That might work fine.
  2. If both computers are inside the same router, then try to join through local network, sinces you are on the same local network.
  3. which way do they hack to receive the password ?
  4. I might be if your computer is pure 64 bit, but has 32 bit other hardware devices and you install 32 bit application, there might be some conflicts. Try on older system, which is not 64 bit like your AMD duel core 64 bit.
  5. Sounds like when you backed up, it didnt get or file got corrupt inside a pk3 file. I think you need to find exactly that pk3 file and replace it with the broken, then it might work. May the force be with you.
  6. Tell me which hardware device was the lastest you added to your computer, and i would recommend you remove the 6 gb harddrive from your computer. Let the computer be fast, dont add a bottleneck to your system like the harddrive on 6 gb, its way too old to your system. Remove also the CD-Rom, you have a DVD burner which is alot newer then the cd-rom drive. Let the system be fast instead of slowing it with old hardware devices. Now test Jedi Academy Again.
  7. I think it is needed, but not sure.
  8. Read the first thread again, i did turn it off and renamed it.
  9. Its not about opening ports, its about forwarding ports, only if its a speciel router that has closed ports, then you need to open and forward, not just open. May the force be with you.
  10. What kind of a stupid question is that, of course i did.
  11. Sounds like an error inside a pk3 file.
  12. Sounds like DirectX or Graphic Card drivers are corrupt. Run a defrag and a scan disk
  13. What i mean is that if you play FFA or Power duel which is 1 vs 2, then i have enabled friendly hit so you can hurt your partner. ( Standard friendly hit is disabled ) Also if you walk into your partner with saber open, and nothing happens, i have enabled so it takes hps and hurts your partner. Anything else ?
  14. Well Jedi Outcast is good, but Jedi Academy is better, its like its closer to the starwars world, with right configuration on a duel server, the game is perfect. I do have my own Jedi Academy Duel Server, but i havnt played for kind of some time now, but its still runing. You should try to duel vs Professionel Staffsaber players, its pure fun, they stress you so much, you dont know what to do and where to run and hide. It then i normally think "May the force be with me, but the force is with him" May the force be with you.
  15. look inside your jedi academy\.....\base\screenshots or it might be in the base folder, it should be jpg files and not bmp.
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