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  1. Tell me which hardware device was the lastest you added to your computer, and i would recommend you remove the 6 gb harddrive from your computer.

    Let the computer be fast, dont add a bottleneck to your system like the harddrive on 6 gb, its way too old to your system.

    Remove also the CD-Rom, you have a DVD burner which is alot newer then the cd-rom drive.

    Let the system be fast instead of slowing it with old hardware devices.

    Now test Jedi Academy Again.

  2. What i mean is that if you play FFA or Power duel which is 1 vs 2, then i have enabled friendly hit so you can hurt your partner. ( Standard friendly hit is disabled )

    Also if you walk into your partner with saber open, and nothing happens, i have enabled so it takes hps and hurts your partner.

    Anything else ? :p

  3. Well Jedi Outcast is good, but Jedi Academy is better, its like its closer to the starwars world, with right configuration on a duel server, the game is perfect.

    I do have my own Jedi Academy Duel Server, but i havnt played for kind of some time now, but its still runing.

    You should try to duel vs Professionel Staffsaber players, its pure fun, they stress you so much, you dont know what to do and where to run and hide. :p

    It then i normally think "May the force be with me, but the force is with him"

    May the force be with you.

  4. I have no answer to your question, but i can try. Let an administrator look at your computer and scan for errors.

    Sounds a file being replicated from a pk3 file to temp folder, and gets corrupted when it gets in the temp folder, try to make a check disk.

    ( Just a guess, not sure. )

    It also sounds like some sort of Policy that denys, but still have access to delete the file, but not change inside it.

    ( Still just a guess, and still not sure. )

  5. I think there suppose to be a JA+ shortcut that you have to start up with.

    This is only something that i dont know if JA+ mod does make a shortcut.

    Try clean installation and patch the game then install the JA+ mod.

    May the force with us all.

  6. I dont know, but i think its best to close more bug holes, before installing mods.

    I can recommend it, but it might not solv your problem or it might will.

  7. I would guide you to JA+ official forum, but keep an eye here too, there might be someone who knows the JA+ mod, but basically its support for lucasarts products and JA+ mod doesnt come from Lucasarts.

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