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  1. What ? Try that with other words. Its windows 2000 full patched upgraded and everything, i get a dr watson when the duel time limit is up something with c5000000 access violation, i also get that on a windows XP, I get that message on all of my 3 computers. Something you guys need or want me to do to get log files or something. Help with the weapon list too to get the full list, including ammo and items. cya all
  2. Hello to Lucasarts people I do need help or explaination to my problem. I dont consider my self a new beginner, but i might have done or made something wrong some place, which i cant see. In a powerduel game, when the server is empty and the timelimit is set ro 5/7/10 minutes or 1 hour or more, exactly when the timelimit has reached, the powerduel server goes down. I dont get any messages, if there are people inside the powerduel game, the game doesnt crash. I need that timelimitation cause some abuse it by staying and training there while others are waiting to get there turn, and i cant be around tere 24/7 i need sleep and dinner too. I could also need a full list of every weapon, ammo and item to disable through the bit nr, not just "524279 = saber only" but everything, i have so far tested and works this list 16 Blaster Pistol 32 blaster Rifle 64 Disrupter 128 Bowcaster 256 Imperial Heavy Reapeater 512 demp2 1024 flechette 2048 Rocket Launcher 4096 Granades 8192 trip_mine 16384 Detonator Packs 32768 Concussion Rifle Thank you all for your time and have a nice day.
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