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  1. that would be awesome for people with no connection or xbox ps2 etc...
  2. is it possible to get any kind of multiplayer with out online stuff? I mean like split screen on the computer, say like you have two controllers or joy sticks?
  3. This just happened today: I was playing online with some other guys from Europe(couldn't understand what they said) But I totally beat their asses! I was soo happy I got an A+ on my test! Even BETTER!
  4. Thanks for the info! What kind of graphic card do i need?
  5. I was playing Dune Seas as the Imperial. I was just venting out some rage on the tusken raiders and rebels (right next the sarlaac pit) when Luke appeard. So I rounded a few buddies when all of a sudden he got snapped away. Forgeting that we were by a Sarlaac pit we started freakin out. For some reason, a small virus leaked onto the game and the sarlaac pit was going 100 times faster then it should. We were cussing on the game, then he got eaten, then a whole crap load of tuskens. Then I see luke fending off the attackers, then he gets eaten. So I am thinking " Better get the hell out of here!" Then, what pissed me off and made me laff soo damn hard was then a newbie ran into me with a speeder. he jumped off before he crashed though. So the speeder hit me, I die. then he gets eaten. Talk about irony.
  6. Maybe this has been already done, but I would just like to share a few of my favorite tactics. Play as CIS where there are gunships. Hurry and fly to the gunship. (be sure you are heavy class) and plant a mine on the orb thingy on the gunship, you may not be able to get good kill points but it blows the hell out of them when the lift off. Another would be hiding as a empire sniper on Kashyyk Islands in the bamboo and taking out all the enemies.
  7. My Battlefront 1 game doesn't have a sky. Why is that? Also, levels like Endor,Yavin, and Naboo are all choppy because of too many plants an stuff I think. Can anyone help me with that promblem?
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