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  1. Ganner knodded to everybody. "I'm ready let's get this show on the road." He walked over to Ana "you ready?"
  2. Ganner lost his memory for a second, "Wait.... Why we going back to the Sith Temple again?" He looked over Lyna's shoulder to see the blueprint.
  3. I just wish i had the kinda money to blow on movies in the first place.
  4. (Oops wrong parents.....XD) Ganner pulled his hand back, "Oh ya." Ganner looked at Lyna who was on the floor laughing. He hadn't ever seen Lyna like that for the 3 years together. He looked at Cade and raised his eyebrow.
  5. You watch movies like my sister, she'll take the T.V. and watch a movie 17 times in 2 days. It gets kinda annoying seeing a movie over and over again. but I'll take your word that it gets better like beer.
  6. Ganner looked at the ghosts as if it was fun being dead. Or atleast enjoyable. "Nice to meet Lyna's parents. You guys lived on Dantooine didn't you? My parents did too." He held his hand out, forgetting they can't interact physically with the living.
  7. Ganner's face went pale. He hadn't seen a ghost in real life, and heard about them happening to other people. He just didn't think it would happen to him. He felt hands holding onto his arm. Ana must have been scared more than him. He was amazed, more than anything. "Who... Who are you?"
  8. Ganner got a shiver down his spine, "I can feel it. Is it Darth Krayt?" He noticed a figure but couldn't figure who it looked like. "Is that it?" Ganner said pointing to the corner of the shuttle.
  9. ((My main computer is messed up(trojan virus) so I have to use the side comp, which sucks. Lyna: Sounds good Everyone sees the ghosts right or just Lyna?)) Nor stood there. "That's the main reason I practice long range to shoot them darn sith." Ganner walked up the ramp to the shuttle first. "Hey Wolf! Shado! I think we're ready, you can start the engines."
  10. Ganner followed behind her to the group. "So is everyone ready?" He noticed three tough looking guys, "who are they?"
  11. He looked at into her eyes, "I had a great time also. It was kinda fun too. You drinking that wine reminded me of my first time with my master. I drank too much, too fast and got dizzy and started walking wobbly, all around the room. I'm suprised the amount you drank you could handle."
  12. He got as much of the stain off her robe. "Your Welcome. Now you just need to clean it." He paused for a second. "We should get together again sometime." He hadn't ever had that feeling of asking any girl. He was always under jedi watch and hardly had any free time.
  13. Ganner jumped up right when the glass fell. "ooh!" He grabbed some napkins and reached for the wine on her robe((?)), not knowing if she would grab the napkins or if he should clean it for her.
  14. ((I've got another character named Darrick on a different site. :/)) Ganner looked back into his past. "All I remember is that I trained til I was 18 and was given a mission by my master to find Cade and stop him from turning to the darkside. So basically I've been with him for 3 to 4 years now." ____________________________ Nor wasn't much of an offensive melee but if he was normally attacked by melee he'd pull back from the opponent and pull a small blaster and shoot the person. But they were only testing him so he put his all into the sword.He hardly did offensive maneuvers, but for once he lunged back at Payne.
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