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  1. I think that heroes have a place in Battlefront. It's called Star Wars Battlefront not "Star Wars Trooper" and so you should be able to play as any one that would be present on the Battlefront.
  2. Well I think sabotage, reconnaissance and infiltration should have some role in Star Wars Battlefront 3. You could sneak behind enemy lines to blow something up and that would effect the whole army. Or instead of fighting you're way through the enemy ranks you sneak behind them and take a command post. Heck even in SWBF 2 all classes aren't just for straight up fighting, like the snipers and Bothan Spy. But the Republic Commandos aren't bad at all in a fire fight as far as I can tell.
  3. This thread is to discuss maps you want in Star Wars Battlefront 3. Please go into detail what you want the maps to be like and avoid lists. I'll go first. Hoth: Echo Base I'd like the trench to be the whole width of the canyon, which should be wider. The shield generator should be a destroyable command post again. Echo Base it's self should be much larger and accessable in conquest battles and the Rebels can lock doors and stuff to block Imperial progress. The Imperials should start with five AT-ATs and AT-STs near Echo Base, but no command posts.
  4. I'd like to see multiple ground maps per planet. I want to see much larger armies, like 100 "supply". I want to see a bunch of different kinds of transports with different capabilities, so the Rebels might have the basic shuttle, LAATS, Gallofree Tansports, ect. I want to be able to use space units in ground combat. To allow the larger starships to be used you should be able to zoom in to see units under the ship and zoom out to the the ship. I'd like a Supreme Commander-like strategic zoom as well. Maps should be much larger. I also want the terrain to be much more important.
  5. I'd like to see a sequel with both the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War.
  6. I think the Heroes should have a timer that works like the hero health in BF and normal health. There should also be generic jedi and dark jedi.
  7. http://www.lucasarts.com/games/swbattlefrontrenegadesquadron/ Arrg! I don't have a PSP and don't plan on getting one.
  8. I think they need to make a lot of changes to make it better, but not a total redesign. It basically works. Just making the AI better will improve the overall game experience alot.
  9. I expect and hope to see at least one expansion before a sequel. However, I do want to see a sequel eventually. Hopefully it will include both Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War. I want to see larger battles. At least 200 pop cap. Also the Rebels should play more like a guerilla group. I also think planets should have multiple maps and systems should have multiple planets. I think there should be no garrison units. The Empire has to build Ties and then load them on they're ships. Some ships also transport ground units and some even land on the planet like the Acclamator. You should be able to have certain starships fighting in atmospheric combat. You have to build transports, and there are multiple types with various capacities. You can load trabsports between battles. So you can load an AT-AT with stormtroopers, put the AT-AT on an AT-AT barge and put the barge in a Star Destroyer. Also you should be able to fight aganist/ally with various factions like the Corporate Sector Authority, Black Sun, Hapes Consortium ect.
  10. If you want to Podrace play Star Wars: Podracer. I loved that game.
  11. Just about any explosive device could work, provided it has enough power.
  12. Yes, the Encyclopedia is nine years dated. I want a new one! Wookiepedia is nice but until I get a laptop it's not portable.
  13. Darth Vader and his Executor (or his fighter for that matter).
  14. I do not want heroes to be removed. Why? Because they're fun. And that's all that matters.
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