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  1. Holy **** I forgot this place existed.

  2. Hey! Great to hear from you! :D


    I'm trying to write too. Hasn't been going very well. :xp: Too many competing ideas in my head - can't decide which project I want to work on. I've got an RP related to the current contender in the DTC. Legacy: Blood of the Moonborn. You should take a gander, even if you're not looking to join in. Though it'd be epic if you did. :p


    I'm trying to help Lynk I can. But I'm working a great deal too, and that won't let up until the new year. It's looking like I won't be able to do much early stages, but I do hope to do my part to build a new creative community on the new website. In what capacity is still unclear, though - right now we're moving content from the old websites to the new one. Once that's done I expect we'll start talking new content, where I might get an idea of what I'll be able to do.


    If you don't check here very often, is there an easier way to reach you? Wouldn't mind having a proper chat sometime, if you're able/interested.

  3. Hiya! I really need to log on here more often! I'm doing ok. Had a trip to the US this summer to visit extended family. Working a lot to pay of the bill! :) Still playing SWTOR. Still writing a bit, and still RPing a bit on a BSG site (although not as much as I used to). How are you? I saw a message from Lynk on the TOR guild site that said there were plans to revamp LF and make it bigger and better. Are you involved in that project?

  4. Would you perchance be interested in joining my new RP?

  5. I rescind what I previously said. I'm not interested in joining your RP at the moment. I feel a little intimidated by you veterans, haha.

  6. I'm sorry. :( I took a look at it and I don't think I could stay in it. Sorry Doctor.

  7. So is that a nay on the interested then?

  8. It takes place in the fictional, parallel-world English city of Harkshire around the year 1925. In this parallel world Europe has been ravaged by constant war for over 80 years, reducing society to a nigh-anarchistic husk of what we saw in our own. Part of this society includes a "shadow industry", so to speak, of individuals who dedicate their lives (for one reason or another) to hunting and destroying supernatural creatures. In this particular story, our characters would be pursuing a beast roughly analogous to what we would call a werewolf, though there will be many drastic departures from the traditional lore on the subject.

  9. I am interested but I'm a bit confused. Could you explain the plot of the Rp? :)

  10. So what do you think? Interested?

  11. Happy birthday, Doctor! Hope it's swell!

  12. I'll take a look at it. :)

  13. Don't suppose you'd be interested in joining my new RP? Keno and Writer are on board, we just need a few more players before we can get started.

  14. Can't be any worse than mine, mate. I assure you of that. :p But this is the kind of RP where we can quite easily move on without any given character. The story lends itself well to characters dying off. :xp:

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