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  1. His son is supposed to be even more hardcore then his father and he will most likely attack South-Korea, to show that he is a capable leader.
  2. Hmm, will probably get this when it's a bit cheaper.
  3. Wait, so is the Metamorphosis a real novel or was it just a joke? Btw, I'm sure to check out the Rise of Darth Vader. Might even buy the whole trilogy!
  4. Are there any novels out there with Darth Vader as the main character?
  5. Just snagged me a copy for the PS3, can't wait to play it! Currently replaying MI1:SE to get in the mood.
  6. Pleaso no, I hate motion controls!
  7. Might aswell make another thread about a SE. So, yay or nay?
  8. Would love to see this seeing as I never played the original.
  9. From what I've seen it's gonna be pretty cool, so who's gonna buy it?
  10. Much rather see a CMI special edition.
  11. You are so hot!

  12. Purchased mine weeks ago from the US store, still great that EU folks without a US account can get it now though.
  13. I just visited his Twitter page and he just replied, this is what he had to say: The art for CMI was painted PS at 640x480. So you can't rescan it to make it bigger. But the line work was pencil drawn and could be. There is hope afterall brethren!
  14. Well, I would love to see this in 1080p with HD sound. Would look so awesome on my tv. But I'm sure this will be made eventually, seeing as SoMI: SE was a success and MI2: LR will be a success, It's just when will this be made?
  15. I would kill someone to see this made! Seriously, we wants it, we needs it!
  16. Could you do a 1920x1080 version? With maybe the original face if possible? Thanks in advance1
  17. I'm still alive, just dropping by to say hello!
  18. Thanks! EDIT: No 1920x1080 it seems
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