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  1. You are so hot!

  2. Heh, my name is Wesley too.

  3. Help with what?

  4. Thanks! That's really helpfull! :)

  5. The reason why I am asking this is, because I am working on a playable Canderous mod for TSL and I might need some more skinning help in the future.


    BTW. All of your portraits are awesome! ;)

  6. Hey Rob,


    How do you make those awesome portraits?

  7. You mean cockyness ;)

  8. Transcended to what?

  9. Get your butt on MSN, Indiaman!

  10. Hey,


    Do you have working download links for your K1 and TSL robe mods? I tried the download links that are found on your website, but they no longer seem to work.


    Thanks in advance,

    Ghost Down

  11. Nothing, meant nothing with it...

  12. RIP, ol buddy.. RIP

  13. Heh, I'm on usually. But my status is mostly set on away or offline :p

  14. Dude, show up on MSN sometimes. I miss our silly conversations?! Oh, and you must tell me what happend to '' our game''! ;)

  15. Hah, I'd understand if you didn't accept me! ;)

  16. Windows Live Messenger (MSN) ;)

  17. I added you to my WLM contact list, I hope you don't mind :)

  18. Where'd you get that head from that is in your avatar?

  19. Welcome back mate! ;)

  20. What am I doing wrong? I agree with you on the rape joke now that I think of it, but I found the special Olympics poster rather amusing myself and it seems another member did too.

  21. Whatever floats your boat..

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