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  1. I probally gonna install this one instead of IE7, Cause IE7 requires SP2 to function and I don't got SP2 installed.. - Ghost Down
  2. Yes, a screenshot whould be nice! - Ghost Down
  3. Taris Upper City Emporium EDIT: Damn, Chainz beat me to it - Ghost Down
  4. Hehe, ALIEN SLIME ..What a name ...Ehm, anywayssss. Welcome to Holowan! Hope you enjoy your stay here! - Ghost Down
  5. Indeed. I voted for Jaden. He's just way cooler then that bantha-herder - Ghost Down
  6. I hope its gonna be Republic Commando 2 - Ghost Down
  7. Ehm, Alot ..But I'll post some. The Punisher - The Punisher Game Stubbs - Stubbs The Zombie Revan - KOTOR Tommy Vercetti - GTA VC Kain - Legacy of Kain series Duke Nukem - Duke Nuken series - Ghost Down
  8. Dunno, a decade or so I guess .. :/ - Ghost Down
  9. Ive got his Rebalance mod ..So if ya want I can send it to you - Ghost Down
  10. Ehm, too many to list ..But ill list some here InsaneHeat Forums (Moderator) LucasForums (Member) TekkenZaibatsu Forums (Administrator) The Elderscrolls Forums (Member) And lots more.. - Ghost Down
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