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  1. Thats sweet and all, but some DS transitions whould be neat-o .. - Dream Evil
  2. Translation: Could someone make a Kel Dor model for KOTOR 1 (like Plo Koon) cause i got Jedi Academy and i think it be pretty cool to have Plo Koon as Darth Revan with the spikey mask and stuff and the glasses! ... - Dream Evil
  3. Yeh, sounds like a good idea ..And just to make this a bit more lore friendly, why not give Canderous a different head..Cause else it whould look a bit weird eh? ..Seeing 2 of the same persons .. - Dream Evil
  4. The horns look weird :S - Dream Evil
  5. Lol, Nancy nice one, too bad its a Tomb Raider: Legends skins - Dream Evil
  6. Oh, thats awsome Inyri! - Dream Evil
  7. Ok, here are the pictures I want the KOTOR head to look like the one from TSL - Dream Evil
  8. Hi, could some one reskin the GI Jedi head from K1 to look like the GI Jedi from TSL. GI Jedi is the guy with the buzzed military looking hair in K1, he looks the same in TSL but then he has a huge scar. So basicly what im asking for is, is if someone can give the K1 head same hair color and scar as the TSL one..also DS Transitions whould be cool, if u are gonna include them then add light ones, no those walking zombie's ones.. - Dream Evil
  9. could Prime or any other modder with Prime's permission update the robes to have svösh's robe collar fix? - Dream Evil
  10. Also could Prime or any other modder with Prime's permission update the robes to have svösh's robe collar fix? - Dream Evil
  11. Thats not the mod he is looking for, that just changes Malak's armor that u find in TSL from green to red.. - Dream Evil
  12. If im correct there was a Bandon and Uthar head in the HP with DS transitions ..now my question is, if someone could tell me where i can download those seperate ..i want the heads ..not the whole HP ..i know that there is an Uthar/Bandon head mod at Shimaon's site ..but that one hasent any DS transitions.. - Dream Evil BTW: HP is Holowan Plugin EDIT: I no longer want the Bandon head but i still need the Uthar head ..the Uthar head was made by T7 if im correct..
  13. Yeh ..most people say to check Holowan Plugin ..but i only want some of the mods ..not the whole package
  14. Could someone make a playable Master Kavar head? ..with Dark side transitions ..if possible ..also ..if u decide to do this ..could u then replace Kavar's head with a different one ..cause else we look like Jee-Dai twins... - Dream Evil
  15. *sigh* ..Last day of the month and still no release - Dream Evil
  16. Learn English... - Dream Evil Dream Evil, come on that's a little harsh... cut him some slack. -RH
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