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  1. Awsome katana T7, fits Mission way better.. - Dream Evil
  2. I use Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! (subscribed).But Yahoo! is just way better then the others.. - Dream Evil
  3. Just wondering how much % of the mod is finished ? , Also which player skin are u using in this pic..cause its not the default one.. http://gallery97455.fotopic.net/p19988546.html - Dream Evil
  4. Well..I dont see many similarities, except that their both bald..This brings me to a conclusion..All Dark Jedi are bald in K1, Darth Malak, Darth Bandon, Uthar Wynn, Jorak Ulln ..but why?? Hmm.. Maybe the DS drains his user so much that they eventually loose their hair..:-\ - Dream Evil
  5. Ceremonial Sith Saber, Chuundar's Bowcaster and <Fullname>'s Lightsaber - Dream Evil
  6. Jedi Robes: something white-ish or beige-ish Sith Robes: Black.. i guess - Dream Evil
  7. Sith Lord: T7's remodeled Dopak by T7nowhere Sith Assassin: K1 Asian Bald Wannabe by RGB Sith Marauder: Reskin of PMHC01A by T7nowhere
  8. They cracked the animations..or in simple english..Finally!!!
  9. Yes..that Canderous head might just do the trick..
  10. could u also make a Kyle skin for K2 ?..maybe u could even make an Kyle face ? ...
  11. Well..some peeps say that when u activate it u will get new fighting moves..and well..that doesnt happen..well..atleast they say so..
  12. Hi, did someone ever fix the Fury force power ? Or maybe theres away to fix it ?..if so..i whould love to hear it..k cheers Dream Evil..
  13. Ah..k, but i just want the head..not all the other mods..
  14. Hi, i was wondering if it is possible to make a playable Zabrak head..we could use Bao's head model and make a selectable head..maybe change the skin alittle and where done..and when he turns to the darkside let him change into a Darth Maul-ish look...well..i hope this can be done..k cheers Dream Evil
  15. Well..im using the guy with the small beard..the guys who with that scar beneath his eye..it whould be could if u could give it some sith eyes..and some wrinkles and stuff like that..but make it less gray..im not a big fan of the half zombie type sith..
  16. Hi, i recently started playing KOTOR 1 again..and the DS Transitions look really bland, so i was wondering if there was a mod that alters them..like adding sith eyes and stuff like that..k..cheers Dream Evil
  17. Hi. could some make an Canderous playable head for KOTOR II..but..not the Canderous head from KOTOR II, but the one from KOTOR without the beard..also..if someone is gonna do this..could he try to make some Darkside transitions to ?..k cheers Dream Evil
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