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  1. What am I doing wrong? I agree with you on the rape joke now that I think of it, but I found the special Olympics poster rather amusing myself and it seems another member did too.

  2. Oh noes, the ufo's are coming!! Happy I-day!
  3. Whatever floats your boat..

  4. Hey, My new rig will be finished soon and I might install Vista 64-bit on it, but how do 32-bit games/applications run on an 64-bit system? I don't have any knowledge or experience with 64-bit systems btw, that's why I end up here to ask my questions
  5. Rape is not a laughing matter. Please refrain from making such tasteless jokes in the future. ~9
  6. Hmm, weird. If anything else fails they could always run the game in VMWare. But anyway, back on topic. I feel sorry for console gamers, they use their thumbs. They don't know any better!
  7. Hey, I'm Dutch. I'm allowed to make mistakes like those
  8. I once tried out Vista 32-bit for about 2 months and KOTOR ran flawlessly on it
  9. I payed about 1000 euros for it, about 1500 US dollars. Maybe more, I dunno. Btw, thanks for the tip
  10. Too be honest, I don't care. I never really liked Crysis, way overrated in my opinion. And 40 or 70 FPS what's the difference? Anything above 20 FPS is playable
  11. Anybody know what has happend to Chainz? He has been gone for more then half a year now without telling us where'd he go! I really miss his witty humor and his great mods
  12. You are wrong Qliveur, I saw a test of my graphics card, and they where using pretty much the same rig, and they got 70 FPS out Crysis while the game was running at max settings But anyway, Public warning for offensive picture after your earlier infraction for tasteless jokes. If you keep posting offensive comments/pictures, you'll be banned. --Jae
  13. XP 32-bit right now, but I'm probably gonna switch to Vista 64-bit to make full use of my 4 GB's of memory
  14. Nope, 1280x1024. It ain't that much of a killer at all. My new rig: CPU: Intel Quad Core Q6600 2.4GHz clocked at 3.0 GHz GPU: XFX GeForce 9800GTX Black Edition 512MB PCI-E 2.0 MOBO: ASUS P5-E RAM: GeIL Black Dragon Series 4GB DDR2 1066MHz PSU: Coolermaster 700Watt
  15. Well, with my new PC I'll be able to run Crysis at max settings with about 70 FPS So, it ain't that much of a killer ForeverNight
  16. Heh, you got me there EW. But my GPU is the ONLY part which I have replaced in 7 years And yeah, I was too lazy to read the whole thread
  17. Don't make me destroy you! In my opinion consoles are overrated, they are like outdated in what? 2 to 3 years? While a decent gaming PC can last for several years. For example my current rig is about 7 years old and I can still run most games on high, although I am building a new one which hopefully will be completed next week
  18. Meh, I never really liked these kind of movies, but If I have to choose one, I'd vote for A Bugs Life
  19. No Mountain Dew available in Holland I'm afraid
  20. Schade Deutschland, alles ist vorbei...
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