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  1. If I could vote, I'd be voting for McCain!
  2. Is there a way to enable AA? I tried playing without it, but I just can't stand the jaggy edges.
  3. Here are some to check out: - Black & White - Beyond Good & Evil - Freedom Fighters - The Thing - Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza - Enclave
  4. [sarcasm] Oh, come on people! We all know the CIA blew up the WTC and that the moon landing was a hoax! [/sarcasm] Yeah, sure..
  5. Good luck! Btw. Try adding voices to the mod.
  6. Yeah, I agree on you with that. The only ones who are gonna vote on Obama are afro-Americans and some liberal sissies. The majority of America, the working white class will vote on McCain for sure.
  7. I'm not a racist or anything, but I just can't see a black man as the President of the US of A. Especially when his full name is Barrack Obama. Just imagine: ''Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States of America. Barrack Obama'' *shivers*
  8. I'm afraid a mod like that hasen't been released or made as of yet.
  9. Meh, I bet Holland will be down after two matches. They have two very tough matches against Italy and France, which both are very good at soccer.
  10. McCain gets my vote (If I could vote ) America needs a strong leader, who can defend it's country and allies. Besides, the goverment ain't gonna let a black man be President.
  11. w00t! I just got Mass Effect two days before the official European release date! Thank god for local retailers
  12. Maybe because he has Vista installed on his PC and wants to get rid of it? Huh?!
  13. Man, I still have to wait a week for it to hit the shelves in Europe!
  14. Bioware said that if EA will shutdown the servers, they would release a patch that would remove the check.
  15. Thanks, gonna pick it up for sure now I've seen that trailer Besides, it's only 10 bucks (and I get a free month of play)
  16. Hey, I saw this at my local game shop for 10 bucks, and I was thinking of picking it up, but before I do. Are people still playing this game? Or are all the servers dead?
  17. I don't get it, what's the big deal? They already removed the 10 day revalidation. All that is left is the 3 times install limit. Which only applies if you upgrade or build a new system. You can install it a million times on your current rig if you never upgrade it!
  18. Meh, stop bitching about the damn copy protection. Be glad they are releasing it for PC.
  19. Meh, atleast you can get it around the 28th. I have to wait till the 6th of June, but my local game shop said they will start selling Mass Effect on the 4th
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