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  1. I really don't like to necro threads, but I have to in this case. I take it DF2 mod is dead by now, but does anyone have the work the previous team did? Would help to have the files for a possible revival.
  2. They really should do a cutscene with Revan leaving and being captured, as we don't see any of that in KOTOR 1 or 2. But yeah, I agree mullet man is the best likeness.
  3. Yeah, I had bit of a tinker with that file but what I can't figure out is how to get the level script(s) to change the model. :\
  4. If someone can work on a script to swap out several models showing what parts are installed, I'd be happy to fix up HK-47 model-wise.
  5. nah all i got is my 'jedi' and 'space' tabs.
  6. i am still a noob to swg. i only started playing on Jan 02 2007 lol. i've looked in the structure terminal thing on my home's wall and there's nothing about a vendor. i really need some asisstance please.
  7. lame? my avatar has nothing to do with swg, it is my lucasforums avatar. it is a new darth vader model i am working on for my EP3 mod that is for Jedi Academy. its only a basic skin, the real one will be done later on. now, does anyone know the steps to putting a vendor in my house?
  8. just asking cuz i entered someone's house which had an entrance fee of 1 credit lol. i know i shouldn't have joined the imperials, but i was crazy. so how long will it take to let me join the rebels? and how do i put a vendor in my house?
  9. lol. can someone help me with these things please?
  10. ok thats all sorted, but now i need to know how long it takes before i can join the rebels cuz i quit the imperials 1 day ago. and another question, how do you place a vendor in your house and charge a door fee?
  11. what are you on about? that post has absolutely nothing to do with my question lol.
  12. ok, i surrendered my privateer piloting skills and joined up with the imperials. after i got upto level 3 parts, i went to a vendor and bought a better TIE that handles much more mass than the TIE you are given at the start. now i accidently deleted the Demmi Wot mission. i did this once before and i got it back by talking to another dood first, but i can't remember who that dood is now. so can anyone help me please?
  13. it says that i cant and i'm still at the same pilot level that you start the game with.
  14. ok i really need some help. i only recently joined and bought swg and i'm at level 34 Jedi. now my prob is that i have the cruddy ship that you start with still and i can't really match with the tier 2 Z-95's which i need to kill cuz its apart of some mission from Demmi Wot (i think). now i'm wondering if there is a way for me to get a better ship without joining a faction? i recently was apart of the empire, but i quit and i have to wait 3-4 more days before i can join up with the rebels. i have Z-95 deed but i cant use it so that ship is out for now.
  15. just so you guys know, i'm making my own DF2 kyle. here is a pic of the head: if you want to use it when it's done, your welcome to it.
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