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  1. I hope this doesnt need so long, because many modellers were doing the Short Barreled Gun... Good luck and keep up the good work
  2. Um..how about an updated mandalorians pack then ;>
  3. Thanks Marz! The pcgamemods error has maybe the fault that no mods are out for weeks...
  4. If you mean that cape, yes.
  5. I posted all this on the forum I feel a bit left out now :'( Good work
  6. YA! Looks unbelievable close to the original! Will there be a unrobed version for battle?
  7. http://www.pcgamemods.com/mod/13426.html
  8. Marz, that MG is awesome, dunt worry about comments If I see a VM in a File I know: Marz striked again! And your Texturing style is just awesome, when you see a Screenshot of a Model by Marz without knowing, you automatically know that its Marz one
  9. Thank you Team VM for the Clones,...They're awesome YES! Please Marz We really need a Magnaguard!
  10. You just used 3 times "I hope" for every sentence,...
  11. ....a whole new Model Just look at the head, the Backpack, The Boots or hands,...
  12. To every Project Member: Just awesome...I think there is nomore to say, this is just awesome I wonder how large the Filesize will be?
  13. That looks awesome Good luck with the rest
  14. Wow, now Dark Cuillere Good luck you 4 and who else want to help
  15. Cool Marcus, Zappa and Ruku, three famous Skinners helping Marz o_o Hooray
  16. Hmm I dont like the Face very much, but you still can improve that, huh? But what really impresses me is the West
  17. YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES Sry had to scream Thx marz, I was going to ask you too Hope Model will go well before Hap finishs his one xD J/K Haps and IBs Clones will still take while Good luck, Neomarz
  18. Oh yeah, LN, I was thinking that when I left the Forum :|
  19. Aaah this Thread died xD So any Updates? Im very interested in them, especially for the Magnaguard
  20. I dont like questions like "when is this going to be released?" "It's done when it's done" is the answer
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