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  1. Yeah, honestly I was either for the MMO or for just a single player game. I'm just happy I can stop playing WoW for this once it comes out of course haha.. Well at least we will know for sure on that date.
  2. http://www.g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/689884/EA_BioWare_The_Wait_Is_Over.html LA will reveal what they are making on the 21st, looks like it's KOTOR.
  3. Well The Force Unleashed is out and yeah most reviews haven't been extellar, honestly out of all of them that I read I agree the most with Game Informer (Reader for 8 years). The reviews though you have you realize are not biased at all which is the reason why they were scored lower if you don't take into account the actual flaws. If you put this game in the hands of a person who has never heard or seen any of the Star Wars' films or games before they will most likely not enjoy it as much as a person who knows it and or is a fan. The reviewers obviously have seen the films before and enjoy them but they review the game as the core game not just what its about. Gameplay: The best way to describe The Force Unleashed is a hack n' slash where almost every combo works unless if it is an enemy who is resistant to specific attacks. I love the fighting in this game, it doesn't get old with all the Lightning and Push configurations as well as grabs it's just plain fun. Honestly my favorite combo in the game is the simplest one, Lightsaber once + Push. The enemy AI is something that could of been done a little better, on harder difficultys they do more damage but they are the same intelligence wise on Apprentice mode. The QTE are meh... I mean on boss fights they are awesome but seeing the same thing over and over again on the Rancors and AT-STs are just like bleh, if you could choose your finisher I believe that would of been great like once the enemies get to a low enough health you can grip them and do something special with each one. 8.7/10 Design: TFU is an absolutely stunning game. I am playing the PS3 version and I was just blown away by how good it looked, there were some occasional slow downs on the Darth Vader intro but other than that smooth as a whistle. There have been some glitches for me where the enemies get stuck in a wall or even me haha but it's pretty solid in the bug area. The DMM works great nothing wrong with it, fun to mess around with plants on Kashyyyk and Felucia and glass and just eradicating the interior of buildings. The euphoria is very fun to mess with but doesn't get good til you chain people together more easily later in the game. The engine will be insane next generation since it will be able to animate probably everything in the environment with them supercomputer consoles. The planets I wish they would of gone into more depth in. I hated the fact that you revisited 2 of the planets, I would of love to of seen maybe a Tatooine or Dantooine. 9.1/10 Story: It's Star Wars, it's awesome, any fan will love it. Both endings are good and you will be happy to just play the game to see the story. It has all the elements which the movie had just much shorter cutscene wise. But sometimes what happens in the story doesn't seem to make much sense but other than that it is great. 9.4/10 Audio: John's pieces that are placed in here are definately rememorable and the new pieces are fantastic (I love TFU theme). The sound effects are top notch especially the lightning in the game later on. 10/10 Entertainment & Lasting Appeal: This game is great because you can pick it up wherever and have fun with it, the holocrons give you some replayability to play again as well as optional sidequests. I have played through the game twice and still find it enjoying. But the whole story may seem to short for others to play through again after they have done both endings. 9.1 Overall: 9.3 You will have fun with this game and enjoy the story if you are a fan. If you like complete destruction and ripping enemies brutaly you will enjoy this game. It is the first Next-Gen Star Wars game and I believe it was a good start and hopefully will bring other great games to us in the future. *Side-Note, MAJOR SPOILER* I have to say the worst part of the game is easily the bringing down the Star Destroyer. It was the most frustrating that I think I have ever had to do in a video game. I won't explain how it works but trust me, once you get there it will be rather annoying, they could of made of what should be the greatest scene in video game history into rubbish.
  4. What would be cool is like a system what Fable 2 is using where you can join your friends games and where they are. But maybe like during the story quests they cannot access it.
  5. I hope that in KOTOR III that they make the game more of a sandbox. I mean you have to have the story but I felt a little dissapointed at the end of the game that I couldn't go back to the planets and have fun.
  6. K maybe they just couldnt get 1080i support on the demo.
  7. Yay! I finally got my PS3 to display in 1080i on my games ^.^. But it's lame, the PS3 version of the force unleashed demo doesn't support 1080i... I hope it does in the final build since the 360's does.
  8. Yeah I just bought a HDMI cable from my local Cox store, got a sweet deal. So yeah when I hooked it up it switched to an HDMI channel, the sound is better, and the quality is much crisper, but when I play games that say I can play it in 1080i it still doesn't switch. I don't really get how to upscale my resoultion on the PS3, but for some reason on my Xbox which has its standard plugs plays games in 1080i. I guess I'm just going to call Sony because I have nooo idea whats up, maybe I have some setting wrong.
  9. What I meant by the standard plugs was all the plugs that the PS3 box gives you.
  10. I have the Standard TV resolution(grayed out can't deselect), 480p, 720p, 1080i. I have tried unchecking them in different ways and haven't gotton through. I am using the standard playstation plugs, I am planning on getting an HDMI port for it, I am using the standard plugs on the Xbox as well.
  11. I will probably have to call them because when I do deselect all other options the standard TV resolution (below 480p) activates when I play any game rather than 1080i
  12. But it has the potential to be fun for other audiences as well, some of the things you do to enemies make it seem like that its an M game in my opinion >.>. Being completely ruthless and mad with power haha.
  13. Dude I have no idea what you are talking about, when I set my 360 to 720p the quality is much worse than when it was in 1080i. I just want to figure out how to make it so my games on my PS3 play in 1080i. I guess I just need to call them.
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