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  1. hi:) Do you have a copy of the smuggler/han solo clothing I tried the link but it's down and I don't know where else to look.

  2. Hey, sorry for the total lack of story additions for a while. A couple weeks ago, my computer totally went kaput (I mean as in totally dead), and it might be a while until I can try and recover my files. Anyways, I'll try and continue the story (I'm using a different computer) but it might be a couple days.
  3. Ah, thanks for clarifying, then; I see what you are saying. To my knowledge there aren't any large segments of the population that have an overwhelming biological urge to perform homosexual acts, either.
  4. ^AHAHAHAhahaha... knew I would get someone with that.
  5. Since the devs pretty much said that there won't be anything that new as far as types of force powers, I'm just expecting the regular powers... but oh so much sexier...
  6. Rip out everything they can of me to help other people, burn the rest, and flush me.... Well, ok, maybe not flushing me.... Maybe just a quiet little service that isn't too long, allowing everyone to go out and gorge themselves in the American way. (that's what I would want, if I was there )
  7. Last episode I think Adam and Jamie decided it was "Plausible". They're thinking of revisiting the KIII myth after complaints from fans who think it should be proven, however...
  8. II Jedi Master Vandar's Personal Log Entry Date: 1 Month Before Battle of Bestine Location: Enclave of Ossus Is it evil? Is it a lack to combat evil? Or is it inevitability? Is there no way to stop the endless cycle of war after war, conflict after conflict? I know, and have long conceded, that wars will always plague parts of the galaxy. But is it necessary to go through wars that will bring pain and hurt to not some backwater world, but the whole of the galaxy? After we finally come through the end of the Great Sith War of our time, we find ourselves in danger yet again. A Sith, who somehow managed to construct a sizable fleet and army right under our noses, comes on our heels. With no warning. No, no warning at all. Merely a cryptic warning sent to the Senate by this Darth. Things progressed very quickly. It was no sooner that we received the warning than Togoria was hit, mercilessly. The attack seemed to many of my fellow Jedi to be an example, to try and show us what this Kolraa (for we had learned of his name in the attack) was capable of. But as Togoria is a distant world, reaction from the Republic was rather slim. The people did not want to deal with another Sith war, and who could blame them? Then it happened again. Rodia was hit, and this time, they were after more than just creating fear. The Sith invaded Rodia, wrecking one of their major cities, stealing several of their light attack ships and treasures worth millions of Republic credits. Our Jedi sent there to aid the Rodians reported a second Lord of the Sith, different in appearance from the one we had seen in the message. So now, there are two. Master and apprentice, perhaps? Or two Masters, whose apprentices we have not yet seen? Or two apprentices of two unseen Masters... The future is clouded, clouded beyond some of our abilities to penetrate. The dark side has sprung suddenly from the edges, and it may be too late to stop it from coming in the door. None of us know where this Kolraa, or this other Sith bases their operations from, nor do we have any idea where the originated from. They strike at the one place we have unguarded, and then vanish. It is as if they can outguess our every move, and every attempt to stop them. Indeed, I fear that we may have a traitor in our midst... We must find a way to engage them firmly in battle, and destroy them. I and the other Masters have devoted ourself single-mindedly to this task. End of Entry ----- Jedi Master Vandar's Personal Log Entry Date: 28 Days Before Battle of Bestine Location: Enclave of Ossus He is here. I know he is. Somehow, he is here. I felt it, just for an instant. A touch in the Force, one that originated out into the uncharted regions of space. Whoever it was, they touched here. And I wondered for so long... was it a probing, from the dark side of the Force? Or was the presence trying to contact someone? Someone here, inside our very midst? But who? Who is privy to our innermost councils? There are a few, perhaps, maybe...I...no trouble from...if at all possible...%!e$c1... [entry data corrupted] But whoever it is, they must not know. I must find them. *Entry Deleted**Entry Deleted**Entry Deleted* ---- Jedi Master Vandar's Personal Log Entry Date: 14 Days Before Battle of Bestine Location: Dantooine We know more, now, but not much more. We know now who exists behind the steel mask, the battle-helmet painted with Mandalorian blood symbols and the gold Turak reaper carvings. He hides behind that mask, like a shield, painted with fearsome images to terrify those who oppose them. I feel a kind of Mandalorian honor, but... it is a perverted honor, covered by the dark side like his black cloak covers him. When I say that we know who exists, I mean that we know a "being". He is a being filled with anger, filled with some amount of honor, and there is also a strange feeling of... unreliance in the Force, perhaps. As if he considered his power in the Force to be merely a tool, and even unimportant. And also.... a small amount of remorse. I was not the only one who sensed it - Zhar sensed it as well, when we confronted him. For we did confront him, if for a short time. I was returning to Dantooine and its peaceful hills aboard the Praetor. During our journey had a short rendevouz with another Republic ship, the Hapan Queen, to transfer supplies, fuel, and men. It was then that they chose to strike. Three light attack vessels, bearing the marks of these Sith, swept down upon us. I do not think that they expected to find us almost done with the transfer - I believe their plan was to come upon us while we were docked together, which would have resulted in a severe disadvantage for us. However, the transfer had progressed quicker than expected (the captain had told Zhar and I as much), so the Force turned in our favor. They tried to board us, and it was this Sith's ship that reached us first. The rest tried as well, but by that time our ships had broken apart and were no longer sitting targets. The two Republic ships were more than a match for the Sith ships, and we thought we had the Dark Lord cornered. Zhar and I (Master Den-Echo had been resting in his quarters) found him cutting down the Republic defenders as we hurried toward the boarders. Only a few of his Sith soldiers were left as well, and we made short work of the rest. Our brave soldiers drew back, and only he was left. "I am Tel." That was his only words. And he attacked ferociously, striking first at me, then at Zhar, then spinning back to me. When our combined strength started to push him back, he fled, carving a path through the soldiers and fighting off our attacks as he raced toward the escape pods. He was fast, extremely fast in the Force - it was this that kept us from apprehending him. And almost before we knew it, he was gone, his pod caught up by one of his attacking ships. Not long after, they retreated as well. Darth Tel... ----- Jedi Master Vandar's Personal Log Entry Date: [corrupted] Location: [corruped] Its him, I know its him. He hides under his Jedi robe...nothing I can do#$...Shaddaa can hide...wwish* (?) were here...But if #Shadow?/Hunter?# persists...no...I am more powerf#d**... Unknow* to me if Tel hnows whar i* is no#8dd... can't concentrat*...Why...!$#e*...the feelings...thoughts running throughhj my head...soundsounds# of drums, battle-calls...not only...[data corrupted] Entry Corrupted Beyond Recovery ----- City of Bestine Tatooine Approx. 1200 Hours The thoughts running through Kavar's head might compare to Vandar's at least in intensity, although Kavar's were more born of adrenaline and anxiety than musing on the dark tidings that had swept through the galaxy. Worse, there was a rhythm to them. He could hear it as he raced through the city streets, boom...boom...boom... It was the sound of the hollow booms that reverberated through the air. For Kavar and the Republic troops, it could have been a drumbeat of doom; the sound, as every one of them knew, was the relentless pounding of the Sith crawlers' heavy cannons. Shields and solid, fortified walls could only take so much. And as much as Kavar hated to acknowledge it, available Tatooine shielding generators were, well... Tatooine-ish. They sputtered and broke and rusted and drove Republic engineers crazy. They resisted the sand well, though, he had to give them that. Now, as he sprinted through Bestine, he could hardly think of anything else but the inevitable destruction the Sith would wreak on the city, and for no apparent purpose. He dodged a frightened cleaning droid that was running rampant through the streets, and jumped up a flight of dusty steps leading along a second level of dwellings. One of the larger structures caught his eye, and noticing that it was one of the few that was reinforced with durasteel, and surrounded by Republic colors (and soldiers), he made straight for it. "Halt!" Kavar could have sworn that at least five soldiers shouted the command, but he couldn't blame them. A single human racing towards the command center with simple clothing and wielding what looked like a lightsaber was not a welcome sight for most, as 98% of any such people would be dark Jedi. Not to mention that Kolraa had been known to affect the minds of captives and send them rushing at Republic installations carrying live thermal explosives... "Its- its just me," he panted. "Kavar, I'm a Jedi, I'm on your side." He was weary, and the words spewed from his mouth as if he was desperately trying to find the words that would persuade them not to shoot. They had already lowered their rifles. "Go ahead, Jedi." A man said, and Kavar hurried into the Republic HQ. "-and we can't keep the walls up for long, shields are already at 36 out of 100. Either way, we're screwed; we can't hold the walls for much longer, and we can't fall back because we give up control of a large portion of our blaster cannons and anti-aircraft guns. Without those, we're sitting ducks for Sith fighters, and, all the crawlers have to do is roll in and start blowing whole city blocks to hell." "It doesn't matter." A voice responded. Kavar tried to adjust his eyes from the brightness of the Tatooine day to the rather dark interior. "We have to hold it just as long as the Republic fleet gets here with reinforcements. Kolraa didn't send his entire armada, just a moderate strike force." "That completely outnumbers ours," the other replied. Kavar now could see the discussion being carried out by two officers, both leaning over a holographic display on the conference table. "It doesn't matter," the one said again, "We have no choice. At least, here in the city, we have some advantage. It'll be tough for any ground troops to take the city with any efficiency. We have plenty of surprises for them." That at, least, was true. Republic soldiers had been warned extensively of the various traps set in place for any Sith troops that entered the city. For the second time, Kavar heard a voice shout the command "Halt!". Yet another guard blocked his path and raised his rifle, but the first officer stopped him. As Kavar's eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness, he recognized the man as Colonel Partmas. "General Ceen, this is Kavar - he is the other Jedi assisting us, the second out of the two we have." He spat the word "two", making everyone well aware of his disapproval. Ceen, however, ignored it. "Thank you for your assistance, Master Jedi." Kavar couldn't help but notice that he didn't look very grateful. Which was understandable.... Kavar felt that just about the only thing he had done right was carry the wounded soldier back to the city and leave him at the care of the battle-medics. And yet, that soldier wouldn't have been wounded in the first place if Kavar hadn't lost his grip through fear. He desperately hoped the soldier would live. But he didn't even know the man's name. "-if I can get both Jedi, him and Master Nedden-" "You can't be serious. We only have two Jedi. They can't hold back an entire army." "But they can slow them down until the fleet gets here. If we can seal up some of the holes in our defenses, we sitting right in the middle of a veritable stronghold. It will take them a while to breach the fortifications; our little traps will cause them some troubles as well." "Fine." Ceen replied. Partmas turned to Kavar. "Master Jedi, I would assume you would be willing to help us?" No, he wouldn't. "Er... yes." What exactly was he supposed to be doing? "Good. If you would join the regiment on the west side, then, they will be very grateful of your assistance. Captain Shevu should fill you in once you get there." He turned back to Ceen. "We need to reach Master Nedden somehow - last I heard, he was with Captain Klis." Kavar turned away from the table, letting the conversation fade into the background. So, Kavar thought resignedly, he was to be sent out again into the fray like just another soldier. That was the worst part, he decided - half the time you were rather well-respected by Republic forces simply for your value as a Jedi, and the other you were expected to prove that value by fighting on the front lines like just another soldier for hire. There was nothing to do but do as Partmas had so graciously requested (and yet had been very clear about): go join Shevu on the west wall. He shouldn't even be here, of course. By rights he should have been with his Master, taking care of a land dispute on Alderaan. He could almost hear the conversation again. "Why am I not going with you?" "Because I think it would be good for you to take on some diplomacy by yourself, and the only other person that would be convenient to send is already busy. There's no need for you to come with me." "But Tatooine?" "Don't worry, you'll be fine. If you have to, buy something from them - that'll make those angry Jawas lighten up so fast you won't believe it." Astelear tossed him a small pouch carrying a small amount of waipiupi. Yeah. Some diplomatic mission. He could hear the crashes and thunder of the laser cannons grow louder as he drew nearer. He felt a small part of him crawl with anxiety, but he shoved it back down, hoping that he would at least come in control of himself, Stang. Where were those reinforcements?
  9. Hmmm, perhaps (although I'm pretty ignorant of that kind of thing)... enlighten me more of this divine spellwork, oh Holy one.
  10. No, they were too fast. Do bears really defecate in wooded areas?
  11. It might be good, but... you always have to be wary of these things as far as Star Wars. Any other kind of media besides the movies (that isn't animated) would seem to be very, very good to actually be a success. I mean, I'm interested, just a bit apprehensive. But as far as other EU series, that all depends on how the live-action series does in '08. And no, I don't think it should be about EU material that has already been done - i.e. Thrawn, LotF, Yuuzhan Vong (Lord no).
  12. "Hold on", said Master Qui Gon, "who then is responsible for this? I don't think it's really Zaalbar's great, great aunt Zelda the Hutt that did this terrible insensitive deed. Pie is bad if
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