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  1. Argh, so that's why. Thanks.
  2. Hey, I have a problem and I think that you guys might be able to help me solve it. Whenever I try to make the game list servers for me, using the top option (don't rememebr the name, sorry), it tells me that I should configure my Win95/98 connection settings (I use XP). I've updated the game to 2.02 and I use all of the XWAUP high poly models. I have a 1 Mb ADSL and a GeForce MX 5700, a 1.83 Athlon and a 1 GB RAM. Any help?
  3. I'd say alot more, as you didn't really have to dynamically *off the parts
  4. Yeah, it took me a while to realize that skinning was all about the use of those filters and layer effects. Or it might just seem that way. I personally think so.
  5. What's so good about zips, Zappa? I don't see the reason why you don't want to move to rar.
  6. Wrong, Zappa. RARs have a better compression level. Not quite as good as 7z (google it up), but it's good nonetheless. Just get WinRAR, it can open everything.
  7. Ben Mathis' Video Tutorials Ask Marz for an unmirrored helmet (or even torso) variant, then you would be able to do it. And kudos on the skins!
  8. Really off-topic, but whats the difference between Elements and the full version? Brush importing?
  9. I liked the idea mentioned by T10 - release a lite version with a single soundset and all those cuts, and then release a full version, with everything. I personally was a 56ker, and I can still remember the demon... 20 MB was sooo much for me And calm down everyone. No point in arguing, try to compromise.
  10. Ummm... Are the pistols going to be fixed in v3 then?
  11. Well, us FM3ers can use every model and every class = every weapon.
  12. FF is alright, try again. Noone can use the clone jungle model, but you have to admit, it's a great camo XD And please, Marz, rotate it, it does the same in FM3. Or release a JO-compatible version, that would fix it, too (for some reason I don't understand at all) And BTW, a little idea for skinners - would anyone like to do the SWBF1 Jet Trooper and SWBF2 Sharpshooter?
  13. Lol, I was about to write a few reviews anyway, so there shouldn't be too many problems and delays for the other files.
  14. It has already happened. Remember HapSlash's models? We can do this if it's something that everyone's waiting for. And I believe that everyone would rather see this pack in time than a de-saturated Jawa.
  15. I have a suggestion. Send it over to us (JK3Files) and I can assure you I'll camp for the file We can skip over files if it's something as anticipated as your clone models are.
  16. I'm sure that I've seen an ARC Trooper with a jetpack in this thread, is it still going to be released?
  17. I think they are the DC-17 blaster pistols, with the core simmilar to that of a regular DC-17m, but, well, smaller
  18. ...Stupid me. The JO ones are good with dual pistols (as seen in FM3) and JA skeletons are perfect for dual sabers.
  19. Truly great BTW, which skeleton are you going to rig the models to, the JO one or the JA one? I'm wondering because the JO-rigged models hold the dual guns better, but the JA ones are better with dual pistols.
  20. Oh, cool, does that mean that the Jet Trooper is already done?
  21. Hey, it's me again, please don't kill me now, but I noticed that the jetpack ARC Trooper had the exact same jetpack design the E2 Jet Trooper should have, and that the green Clonetrooper is finished. Which means that the only thing left to do would be to skin the jetpack (and maybe reweight the model, but I don't think so, you could just clip some ARC Trooper parts off to get a normal clone with a jetpack) If you won't reply, I'll take it as a no, I don't want to take anymore of your time by making you type a post.
  22. Just asking. It's not like I'd kill for the models, I was only curious. And SWBF isn't that bad if you play in a good clan. It's pretty good for small matches, like 2v2s.
  23. Wow. You guys probably didn't notice my last question, so I might just as well repost it. Are you guys doing both SWBF Jet Trooper variants, E2 and E3?
  24. Bacara's skirt is invisible from the front side. And I don't think there were any pants on the old model either, it was just the upper leg armor skinned like pants. EDIT: Oh yeah, and Mars, are you doing both SWBF(2) Jet Trooper variants? There's the E2 one and then the other, the picture was posted in this thread multiple times.
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