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  1. The video said that the game will be funded from three sources (1) the crowdfunding itself (2) "a significant amount of money" Doublefine is ponying up themselves and (3) a mysterious external partner who is bringing additional money. I've heard other sources that Psychonauts would take about an estimated $13mil, which means that either this external partner could be a co-publisher of some sorts or someone with a lot of money to burn, or Doublefine is putting a lot of their own cash into it. I didn't know about a lot of the problems people had with Broken Age. I've never played it (The only Post-Psychonauts DF game I've played is Costume Quest, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and Stacking which refuses to run on any computer I own) but I'm hoping they've learned from their past crowdfunding mistakes. I really don't think that with something like Psychonauts that has garnered so much nostalgic affection and #hype that they would let it go down a route less than what a sequel for it deserves. I plan on throwing in a couple bucks. I haven't been burned by crowdfunding yet and my gaming budget isn't exactly pressed since I'm still on a Last Gen console. But yeah, I can see where your guy's concern makes sense, I totally buy it.
  2. Psychonauts 2 Is Most Likely a Go People!! I only caught the news on Facebook, but Psychonauts 2 is NOW CROWDFUNDING at Fig. Considering it was just announced and is already at 13% funding, I think we can all hope for the best. So go give them money!! I know I will the second that Christmas cash gets deposited. It's here, it's happening, and we can make it happen!
  3. So I've been seeing it a bit over the internet, but as of April, the beautiful game Psychonauts turned 10! Celebrations abound, I'm sure, but it was recently celebrated by fans and artists in a gallery collection at Iam8bit! Anyone else reflecting on 10 years of this cool ass game? Anyone planning a replay? Anyone about to be my mortal enemy and buy one of those prints? I for one am probably gonna do a 100% replay sometime in the next week.
  4. Considering I gave almost no information, I'm a semester and a half shy of graduating from Ohio State with an English Degree and some fun creative writing stuff sprinkled in between that. I'm in management at an on campus dining facility, and I tried writing about 8 things here but they all make me sound really sad. It's nice to know how a lot of you guys are doing though!!
  5. Beaten it a bajillion times, couple 100s. I remember dedicating a lot of time going back and collecting figments in the Race part of Milla's level. Likely be beating it again soon, since I just ordered a new xbox copy.
  6. How many total songs? Home: 1341. My entireeee library. Sort by Song Title - first and last songs? First = (interlude 1) - Alt-J Last = 9999999 - Portal 2 OST Sort by Time - first and last songs? First = American Empirical Pictures - Alexandre Desplat Last = Requiem - Geinoh Yamashirogumi Top Ten Played Songs Duet - Philip Glass (Stoker OST) [103 plays] R U Mine? - Arctic Monkeys [100 plays] No. 1 Party Anthem - Arctic Monkeys [89 plays] The Borgias Theme - Trevor Morris [86 plays] Tessellate - Alt-J / Breezeblocks - Alt-J [both tied for 82 plays] Wild is the Wind - Nina Simone [70 plays] Fluorescent Adolescent - Arctic Monkeys / Wichita Vortex Sutra - Philip Glass [both tied with 67 plays] Bound 2 - Kanye West [66 plays] Debussy: Suite Bergamasque, L 75 Clair de Lune - Jean-Yves Thibaudet [65 plays] The Beautiful Girls - David Carbonara (Mad Men OST) [60 plays] Last Ten Played Kiss From a Rose - Seal Lonely Rolling Star - Katamari Damacy OST When Doves Cry - Prince XO - Beyonce I Wonder Why - Dion and the Belmonts Happy - Pharrell Williams Glory and Gore - Lorde Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush Tightrope - Janelle Monae Drunk in Love (Kanye West Remix) - Beyonce feat. Jay-Z Find 'sex.' How many songs show up? Three. Find 'death.' How many songs show up? Sixteen. Find 'love.' How many songs show up? Fifty-Seven, lol. (My music taste consists 60% of soundtracks)
  7. I'm a month shy of 21 working through college and being hella cute. I think I've got it pretty nice, swaggin and such.
  8. I don't understand what this is, and now I'm scared.
  9. Someone start a Kickstarter because seriously I would donate the **** out of that. Like, big time I don't even need any perks can I just have psychonauts 2 in some form? Novel, comic series, webcomic. I don't care just tell me what happens, Schafer.
  10. I'm good! I imagine everyone is old as balls now, so this is great and probably super weird. How have you been?

  11. What the fresh heck are the tags on this thread? Also, I remembered my log in info after about about 2 months of not being able to recall my password, so let's resurrect this place.
  12. I don't understand what's happening, am I supposed to lament with you?
  13. I was still in middle school when I joined, and now I just finished my first year of college. I think that's pretty old too.
  14. Holy sh*t, I forgot about Squiddy. Mashi and I used to be facebook friends, but that ended some time ago... On Zelda's note, I will never go near the RP boards. That's the myspace profile I never had to embarrass me.
  15. What's really cute is that we're all sitting here reminiscing but we're actually here and posting in the forum again and I go back and check every few hours and I think "ooh, I hope someone posted" omg it's like I'm a preteen again I don't think my grammar skills can handle this.
  16. You people used to be my best friends back before I knew how to interact with society. In unrelated news, I forgot all the emoticons this forum has. :sheepdanc
  17. Hey man, know what's cool? Quiz bowl. Doctor Who too, and corgis. Get into those now, girl.
  18. Bought it, Reliving all the memories, Crying every once in a while, Good days...
  19. frowntown, bro.

  20. Favorite Nail Polish Color Name Pun:
  21. Uh ,Chipotle is good. I recently learned you can get a tortilla in your burrito bowl, so that impacted my life minutely.
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