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  1. I think I'm the one going to hell. I do a mean Michael Jackson impression, and my mom asked me now who I'm going to impersonate. I said Chris Brown, then punched her in the face. But his death is really very unfortunate, and it's in such bad taste that people are actually not sad about his death because of the child molestation charges... Some DJ's on a local radio station were actually happy about it... D=
  2. Whether or not he was a good man, he was a legend and will be missed. D=
  3. According to the man himself, Dath also answers to Richard in addition to the other three names.
  4. RIP Ed. What made me was was when I went to yahoo news to look for the story, the featured article was not this, but news that Jon and Kate + 8 was temporarily halting production. It's sad when priorities are organized like that.
  5. He does go to the rich kid school... Solid advice, that'll go right next to "Don't fall for the ol' 'Does this smell like chloroform?' trick" that my boyfriend gave me when I told him.
  6. I apparently have a date with another guy friend, even though I'm still dating Show Choir Boy... I think this is good because show choir boy thinks it's funny, and it shows that I apparently have game.
  7. Dath, I'm still allowed to come to the wedding, right? Also, after a few playthroughs, I have finally gotten the Historian achievement in Bioshock, proving my own worth to myself. =D
  8. Foo, I didn't even get a birthday thread. =| I'm just wondering why it's in the swamp. I think you should get a walrus or something. They're pretty cool mammals.
  9. My god, I remember her. Why is this here? She never posted in the swamp.
  10. I have a friend who used to be on the school tennis team before he graduated. I went to one of his games and actually enjoyed myself.
  11. A page on the Worlds Smallest Pony. Anyone remember >:$]:Pony:[ ? Aww man, those were the days. Nostalgia trip to the max.
  12. Who's game? If quite a few are game (I've already talked to Zel about it.), we'll start one up.
  13. D= Unless Activision can back up their claims, then it's no good. They dropped the game, what rights should they still have? They're just trying to get money out of a promising game. A divorced husband can't sue his ex-wife for dating a better looking man, so I think a lot of what Activision is saying is crap to stall the release.
  14. When I read this quote, it reminds me of what happened to Watchmen, and by what happened, I mean coping out on character background stories for bloody fights and overdrawn sex scenes. Movies from the now arn't as good as movies from back in the day...
  15. Has anybody been thinking about what would happen if Brutal Legend succeeds? I mean, with all this attention going to that game and to DoubleFine, do you think people may be discovering Psychonauts? Let's say that did happen, and old copies of the game start to sell. Could their be a chance at some form of a successor? This is all hypothetical, but if that did happen, I'd be very pleased.
  16. I tried this with my copy of mass effect when I f*cked it up royally. It was still shot, but loaded a bit longer.
  17. I remember everytime I went with my family to see that movie (I think Dad and I saw it 5 times)I would bring my lightsaber and fight with another random kid who brought theirs. One occurance I recall was when I was like, 6 and in a four way lightsaber fight with my cousin Bodhi at a drive-in movie theater, and my dad bought a darth maul lightsaber and let me use it. Those were good times...
  18. No it's not in the morality of the relationship, it's the fact that adulthood is breathing down my neck, and I know that in 2 years, I won't be ready to graduate... =\
  19. Anyone who hates Dath has already been killed by Dath himself with his boxing fists of fury straight through the internet. He's enough of a man to do that.
  20. <3 You're like the older brother with the man room in the basement.

  21. I scrolled down and saw your name was in pink, for your birfday. Happy birthday Rhett, cause you've been really nice to me in my times here. =D

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