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  1. When I get my license, I'll make the drive.
  2. Happy birthday Rhett, you old coot. =D
  3. Never been to In 'N Out. From the looks of the food, I think my arteries thank me.
  4. Not exactly prom, but still, choir concerts require dressing up.
  5. Starfish, Crayfish, and a Squid. All of which I did 95% of the work on. My partner chickened out because he "Couldn't see with his contacts in." I popped out the squid's eyeball with my fingernail too. =D
  6. It's fantastic. And I say that not because I'm a regular at RD, but because it's fact. I hooked up my digital cable converter box yesterday all by myself, which was a hastle. I also bought some cookies to bake, and dissected an array of sea creatures in the past few days. =D
  7. Have you told everyone about shooting your kitties with nerf guns? Because that is an extremely good thing. =D So is finally going to bed after being awake 20 straight hours and taking the most important test you've had in your life.
  8. I may not be going to prom, but I have an extremely nice looking dress to wear on Saturday when my boyfriend and I go to the chinese buffet.
  9. "So, yes, the other day I was playing Psychonauts, and was jerking off for 13 hours until the batteries in my PS3 died. I went on my computer to ask yahoo what to do, and they said, "Call Best Buy for tech support." Once I dialed the number on my phone, they put me on hold for a while. Then as soon as they talked to me they helped my PS3 our because it was in trouble. So I am back on my PS3 and playing Psychonauts online. Anyone else on?" Is this what you meant?
  10. I recall a while ago seeing a thread in the swamp about Advanced Placement classes, and I figured that since tomorrow starts testing, we should talk about it again. I'm only in APUSH, and we take it Friday. I've been studying like crazy, but feel okay, a 3 at least considering my history with in class essays and DBQs. What is everyone else in, when are you testing, and confidence?
  11. Alright fine, here. And a comparison, because I guess one day my mole just magically appeared. (FFFF HONORS ENGLISH T-SHIRT.)
  12. I have found a picture of a halloween long ago in Georgia when I was very young, and trick-or-treated as Sonic the Hedgehog. The only thing that would make this extremely good would be a scanner to share the cuteness.
  13. Aww, go Rhett. As soon as the wedding's over remember to chain her to the stove and train her right.
  14. If I had the ability to draw, and a scanner ready at will, there would be so much Milton fanart on the internet, they were my favorite ship.
  15. When I think of a series finale that was amazing, the only show that comes to mind is Six Feet Under. Probably because it drew together the ending of everyone's stories and making the series actually feel complete. Then again, nothing else really comes to mind when I think finale.
  16. Well... alright fine, I won't be the first to admit that my "friends" don't really seem to like me, but still, that's beyond the point. The point is I like facebook.
  17. I used to rent a lot when I had my regular xbox and the local blockbuster still had a decent section dedicated to xbox. If it's a game that sparks my interest, I'd normally like to rent it before buying it, but considering I don't always have money due to me not having a job because I don't have a license, it get's a little difficult. I just replay the games I have over and over again, trying to unlock everything. Renting for me is just something I don't do, especially considering the hastle I have to go through to rent M rated games.
  18. ... GIMME THOSE BOOKS YOU FAT WALRUS!(I couldn't help it, I was in a showing of the Producers at school. =3) I have a facebook, but no myspace. I like facebook because it provides me a way of keeping in touch with my friends outside of school, especially those who refuse to call me because they fail.
  19. I bought that animated Watchmen "Tales of the Black Freighter" DVD, it's pretty good, although some of the Under the Hood stuff made me FFFFFFFF.
  20. 87. Give it to the impoverished in Africa and say you've done enough good for 10 people.
  21. Let's keep talking about it, I sort of half miss it and yearn for it, but the other half is like "MORE ON. YOU HAVE A 360 AND SOME OF IT'S BEST GAMES."
  22. Listen, are you being serious, because if so, allow me to repeat myself.
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