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  1. Here's my suggestion... How about a HD port of BFI? (for PS3)
  2. Natas, just wrote you a message on your site...but wondering, will these scripts work with SWBFI? The old one I have of your works...but doesn't always display all of the players, and only shows 0's for kills and deaths.
  3. Any word on when your tools will run with the PS2 dedicated server?
  4. To be fair, I've been playing it and I'm getting more used to it. Thing is...it seems as though I had to learn a whole new game...different feel, etc etc. Why could LA just EXPAND SWBF1 insted of change so many things?
  5. LOL! And they didn't even fix the glitch in the Cantina!!! I can't believe it!
  6. Not only is the scrolling text of who killed who a dark BLUE that you can BARELY read to begin with (mixes with the background) if someone votes to boot someone....it exactly overlaps that text...making EVERYTHING in that area UNREADABLE!!! Not to mention a big jumble of text that's not only taking up valuable screen space...but as it moves...it distracts you. I saw this dude just keep voting to boot people... terrible... Also, you can't tell when you hit somebody. The big thick red circle that shows up when you do damage (in SWBF) has turned into a small thin three lines that's the exact same color as the aiming circle!! So, if there is gunfire or explosions in the middle of your screen, you'll NEVER know if you hit somebody. Also, has anyone been able to add a buddy yet?
  7. I have never had the fever for a game release until BF2....I've been playing BF1 contantly for almost a year now...in a clan, participate in battles, etc etc, log a lot of hours playing BF1 because it's fun to play...so fun that I don't mind playing the same levels over and over again for a YEAR. Anyway, picked up BF2 at 12:04 AM....came home, started playing...went through training, went online, played a few levels. I'm horribly let down so far. I dont know how the graphics are done...but on every level, so SOOO hard to see anything...and there's WAY too much clutter on the screen from the heads-up info. I dunno, kinda seems like lucasarts concentrated too much on ADDING things and forgot about making sure they kept what made BF1 so great....playability.
  8. I'm using a Netgear FM114P and don't have the DMZ set up...and it's working fine. Those ports you have set up are what I have set up as well.
  9. Is there an official update on this? Vito told me about somehow starting up your PS2 first, and then starting to dedicated server...I got mine to work once...but now it's not working again. Any thoughts?
  10. I see http://www.apocalypce.net is down. Are these PHP scripts still available?
  11. What error message are you getting when trying to connect to your server (when choosing internet?) P:S: It's working fine for me.
  12. I think the issue is elsewhere....I just stared hosting a PS2 server in my PC...and can connect to it just fine. What error are you getting when trying to connect? What ports do you have forewarded on your router?
  13. I'm working on setting up a PC dedicated server for PS2 games. Is there a specific equation of sorts for how much upload bandwidth your server needs? I imagine it's something along the lines like how Winamp's Shoutcast works...depending on the bitrate you're streaming at...how many listeners can you have at once? Basically, I know I have 768k upload...so how many players can I have on at once with no bandwidth stress? Thanks!
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