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  1. That’s awesome- I wonder if people will start playing them again during quarantine nothing like a little insult sword fighting to beat a pandemic.
  2. yeah actually exactly the same. But- getting better. lol P.S. Never marry anyone who "doesn't like point & click adventure games." RED FLAG. lol
  3. Oh hey! That's amazing. Back when we were young and innocent. *sniff*
  4. This is what I've got- we all wanted to be you guys so badly! lol
  5. Ok finished falling off my chair - will reach out to Haggis and mercatfat and let them know the forums are back. so- how’s everyone’s last 20 years been?
  6. I can’t believe the old login worked.
  7. *waits for Grannen to appear on thread*
  8. haha, of COURSE there is, cuz you guys are awesome! And nice to me lol....
  9. Thank you Gabez, you are our favorite Newt.
  10. I keep getting yelled at cuz my sites don't work right with some browser called Opera... darn odd browsers....
  11. Thank you raVen, we love ya!! *BIG HUG* well we can't GET 10 billion people if people dont start signing up lol... Yep, we're just a smalltime operation... but hey, we're bored, so if you're bored it's a place to check out. plus, no ads! Also, if you want to see the whole site, Monkey Island Mayhem, go to this site instead of just the one for the forums. :-D
  12. ahh... well if i had it, i'd send it to ya, but my backstabbing roommate from last year took it home with her, never to be seen again.
  13. er... yes, I suppose you would need money... ... .....or wealthy friends.
  14. I can relate... I read the books long ago but didn't see the BBC movie until last year... It's worth checking out though, if you have time on your hands.
  15. Arthur and Ford actually looked exactly like I thought they would while I was reading the books. Oh, and Zaphod too...
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