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  1. A friend tried to get me to watch Naruto for like a year, i finally gave in and started watching it. After have seen some episodes i was like "Wtf is this ****, this sucks", but i keept on watching anyway. Then it got to the Zabuza fight, and i started enjoying it. Watched through Naruto and then i started pick up other shows, now i probaly the one that is the most anime geek of me and all my friends. This was around two years ago, and according to my profile at anime-planet i have wasted over a month of my life on anime since then, but that don't register the shows i have rewatched.
  2. I like it, and you clearly see that most of the things in there is from cutscenes so i don't understand all the whinne i have seen from multiple places that the game will just be about blood And really, what do you expect from a trailer that is named "Violence" trailer? Not to be bloody?
  3. I absolutely agree. I don't understand the ones that recommend Fallout3 and Oblivion to xbox either. I can't understand how people can play either of those game without all the mods that actually make those games playable
  4. Well according to swedish newspaper there are now 180 death cases that may be connected to the swine flu. Probaly most of them ain't, but the number have climed pretty muuch since yesterday when it was around 80 cases that may have been connected to it. And i know that the newspapper is always exaggerate things like this, so im not panicing just yet
  5. Start spreading the panic, barricade yourself in you're home. Let's discuss the swine flu, is it the new Bird flu? Or will it be even worse? Some information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swine_flu http://www.cdc.gov/swineflu/ And a very intresting map where you can see all the known outbreaks http://pigflumap.com/ It's almost scary how many more plops there are today, since yesterday it have atleast doubled. I hope no one you know have been infected, but since this is a forum with many nationalities the chance is there is. Im myself is a little worried about my brother and his family, they currently live in Auckland and there are many cases there And to be a little inappropriate, spread you own swine flu
  6. Funny thing in Sweden now. After the sentence the "Piratpartiet" skyjumped on members registred, it's a party that want to legalize downloading and some other stuff. It went from one of the smaller parties to the 4th largest. I think it's even the third largest when i write this But this is just registred members, and most people who votes ain't registred to a party
  7. Think what he means with 'self righteous' is that part when you trying to tell evryone what they are allowed to think is funny
  8. Black Cat was good until the last 5 episode, that last arch was a freaking nightmare to watch
  9. Watched through all the episodes of Hetalia: Axis Powers yesterday, there are 11 episodes but they are only 5min long. I though it was hilarious, the countries was potrayed in a good and funny way. The beginning of the show is a little chaotic, but it's get better later on. It's a web show, so it should be legal to link it here. I downloaded it to get better quality, but watch the first episode to see if it's seem interesting. And today i finally started watching Maria+Holic, have seen the first three episodes but still haven't made up my mind if i like it or not. First episode was pretty funny, but the two other were more boring. Will probaly give the show one or two more episodes but if it still haven't picked my interesse i will drop it @Ma ping: Watch the rest of Code Geass ^^
  10. Was a person in Sweden where you can drive through a lion nest(In Kolmården, a swedish Zoo) that went out of the car to try too feed the lions, he was killed by them. Could be that story you thinking about, wouldn't suprise me if it was in the Darwin Awards
  11. Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Read around the first 50 pages or something, and it seems interesting
  12. Watched through Kaiji in like two days, good show. Pretty unique animation style on the show, if you have seen Akagi you will know what i mean. The show is about a "loser" that get offered to gamble his way out a debt he got to the mob. And you get to follow him when he tries to outsmart his opponents in diffrent games. I really liked the narrative style the show have, and if you earlier have seen Akagi and liked it you will definitely like Kaiji, and of course the other way around too. And i have had the OP song on my brain since i first heard it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEnq_j-yI2I I also have rewatced Berserk recently, and this time around i got my ass out of the wagon(Swedish expression^^) and started reading the manga. The opening of the manga, and the story that take place there untill you get where the anime start of is way better IMO
  13. Think you both misunderstand who the OP is talking about. OP is talking about Starkiller from TFU
  14. Dexter in the Dark, the third book in the Dexter series.
  15. Swamp ? If you mean the JK part of this forum, then no. I rarely visit that part of the forum. Someone posted it over there ?
  16. I found a new wallpaper. Dai-Gurren brigade goes badass Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  17. Yeah, me like. Think i will steal it to my Lelouch fan folder <.< I have way to many pictures of Lelouch
  18. CoD2 had a North African Campaign, so did MoH. That the only two WW2 games i can think about that have a North African Campaign that i have played, at least that i can come up with now. And also about mavericks racist comment, "It's funny because it's true" just look at the new Resident Evil, people is screaming it's racismen that the majority of the enemys is black, when you are in a freakin african village.
  19. What i would want is a WW1 CoD, that would be more interesting. And im too sick of the WW2 area, it have been done to no end and it feels like evry WW2 shooter is just a copy-paste of the earlier ones. How many times do you need to play D-Day ? Or that russian sniper ? Or that boring tank level that is in so many WW2 shooters...
  20. TriggerGod is right, it's Yagami Light from Death Note
  21. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  22. Actually thats not the last mission, watch the credit
  23. Awesome, think this is pretty much the game i want the most that are in production
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