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  1. Eh, it's just stuff from the EU. Perfectly normal at his age. Still, I have to admit I find it hard to believe he didn't pull faces while typing that post up.
  2. At home, flipping between facebook and a short essay for Psychology where I was writing about how group therapy could benefit to people with social phobias.
  3. So they've grown some balls and decided to actually tell us a story about Revan. I didn't think they had it in them.
  4. While this is all old news, I would expect the sun to burn out before Revan is ever made an even slightly compelling character in the canon.
  5. 2. We don't do Math from left to right, we do it by the Order of Operations from left to right. The O of O decrees that we add the 9 and the 3 within the parenthesis, multiply the result (12) by the 2, and then do the division. Parenthesis/Brackets Expontents Multiplication Division Addition Subtraction
  6. I know I said this earlier in this thread, but what do you say would happen if Kreia's lightsaber severed Sion's head from his body? Actually yes, she is pretty damn evil. She advocates viewing all other beings alive as means to whatever ends one chooses, only berates the Dark-Sided Exile for murdering random people because it achieves no particular end (rather than because she has any qualms about murder), and her ultimate goal of destroying the Force runs the risk of killing a large portion (if not entirety) of all life in the universe. Furthermore, her justification for doing so - her view that the Force controls everything - is only her own personal view, and it has no particular validation anywhere in the Star Wars canon. Really, Kreia's only reasons for hating the Force is that she's butthurt over being spurned by both the Jedi and Sith, and that she's hastily assuming that the claims of the Force having a specific will and "mind" are correct. Less evil than Bane, Sidious, and others of that ilk, sure. But saying "she's no saint" is a rather lukewarm statement about her character.
  7. I'm more interested by the fact that they haven't announced any new games worth giving a rat's ass about since TFU 2's release. I expected them to have mentioned something by now.
  8. I dig that they decided to add the last three paragraphs in there so that the article wouldn't be made of 100% crazy.
  9. (referring to the above post) A sensible conclusion. No Christians I know assert a literal-truth interpretation of scripture (at least, when it comes to the more famously-debated events like the flood).
  10. I figure that one of the main reasons Obi-Wan didn't train Luke from the get-go was that Owen and Beru didn't want the kid to grow up as a Jedi and get killed on some ridiculous adventure.
  11. I've never observed the party members responding positively from anything other than higher influence.
  12. I played TSL first, probably because I already knew the main twist of the first one and knew nothing about the sequel.
  13. Aliens did it, since as we all know aliens have nothing better to do than **** around with animals.
  14. Falling Balls is a fun little game where you control a stick figure who is constantly suffering from a seizure while simultaneously trying to survive a merciless onslaught of gigantic balls. And occasionally bombs.
  15. Joruus C'baoth did indeed think that he was the actual C'baoth, who in reality died when the Outbound Flight project was destroyed. As for the clone of Luke, all we see him do is fight and get killed without a single word of dialogue, suggesting that he doesn't have much mental capacity beyond an attack dog.
  16. Vader specifically says that he's been trying to remove the leftover memories thing, which means that he didn't deliberately put them in. This is why I think it's related to Force sensitivity. Doesn't mean anything except that that employee wasn't allowed into that room where Vader was keeping said original body. Another thing: If Starkiller as seen in TFU 2 was not a clone, then why does the facility on Kamino even exist?
  17. What reason would Vader have to lie about that being the real body? Also, I seriously don't think the fact that it has a different outfit should be taken as anything other than an oversight by the illustrators. What would that reason be? Can you come up with any other than "because the writers told us to" before release? Kota doesn't mean that it's literally impossible, just that it doesn't work.
  18. There's no other place it could have come from, especially since the "Distant Thunder" cinematics show that the actual Starkiller's corpse is kept in a room somewhere. Yes, because there is no reason to assume Vader is lying about the residual memories thing.
  19. Welp, I don't want to ruin anybody's fun, but there's a few things to consider, most of them not exactly hidden within the story. There's the fact that we have no evidence whatsoever that the original Starkiller's soul or what-have-you survived his death (and in case anyone cares, the aforementioned novelization makes a case against that belief). Then there's the presence of the cloning facility itself. The Starkiller we follow in the story was grown in a vat. For whatever reason, he's being tormented by the original one's memories, but that isn't evidence that he's special, since the other clones all went through the same thing. The only thing that sets this one apart is that he actually managed to escape Vader (his predecessors probably made similar breakout attempts, but failed). Furthermore, that cloning in real life does not give copies the memories - or even skills - of the host is irrelevant, since cloning in fiction virtually never works that way. It certainly doesn't in Star Wars, as evidenced by the clone army seen in the prequels and a few other odds and ends from EU sources. My personal theory is that cloning gets exponentially more complicated if Force-sensitivity is involved, such that for whatever reason, clones of Jedi have some sort of link to the original's memories (since as you said, Jango's clones seemed fine).
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