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  1. No matter how one might justify their actions, being an assassin is inherently a 'dark-side' choice. But with that being said I was surprised that even when the player gave the target the chance to surrender that you still received dark side points for defending yourself. If anything, atleast when you attempt to resolve those quests through capture they shouldn't penalize you. I can't do it myself, but that's where I would start.
  2. Yep, it worked fine for the upper-half of the body, but without any model editing skills it wouldn't have looked right on the lower half, which was why I gave it up. But who knows... If KristyKristic could get a female shape out of the masked Revan model, I imagine someone could do the same with the Sith Master model as well.
  3. Yes, you could easily give a male player the "Sith Master" styled armored robes without replacing Revan's Starforge Robes model, but the problem is you would need to replace something for it. (preferrably I would go with Heavy Armor, since my Jedi's never use it) As for making it appear on female characters, the armor doesn't come with a female version of the model, but with some creative modding it could probably be done. I dabbled with such a project myself once before finding it too hard: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v298/Deus111/005.jpg
  4. I remember hearing awhile ago that while it's possible to add new classes to the game, they can't be Force-using classes. You weren't specific in your question but I'm assuming you wanted a Neutral Force prestige class.
  5. A simple question, to which I ask another. Why should a Jedi want to hide?... And yes...we really, really do need to know what happens to Revan. I think the overwhelming fan response speaks for itself.
  6. I love this idea for a mod; not being able to assume Revan's real name always bugged me towards the end of the game, especially since from that time on everyone is calling you Revan anyways. I think an ideal solution would be two new dialogue options, one for the dark side and one for the light. The dark side dialogue would have Revan choose to reject his former identity, but still go along with his diabolical plans (I.E. "I don't give a damn who I used to be, I'm <custom name> the new Dark Lord of the Sith!") with every other default dark side option allowing the player to assume the title of Darth Revan as you wanted. The second option would be allowing Revan to embrace his former identity without going back over to the dark side, so the player can use the name Revan as well. Unfortunately I have no idea how a mod like this would work or else I would do it myself. Best of luck in finding some help though.
  7. I don't see implementing force users as being a difficult at all; a KotOR era MMORPG has the advantage of playing in an era where seeing lots of Jedi (and even Sith now) isn't uncommon, as well as cortosis weaponry. I say let anyone pay their money and let them start off as a Force user if they wish; but they still have to start from the bottom as a lowly apprentice/Padawan and work their way up, just like every other class. I think it would work best in the way World of Warcraft handles character specialization. For example: I roll a Force user, and immediatly have access to a few simple force powers, low to mid-ranged armor, and some melee abilities. As my character becomes more powerful, I would be prompted to select from three distinct talent trees Guardian: Melee combat, tanking class. Can use all lightsaber forms and wear heavy armor, at expense of lower damage, fewer Force power options, and limited force point pool. Sentinel: Your balanced damage dealers, with access to many of the same lightsaber bonuses as the guardian, in addition to more Force powers, at the expense of less defense. Consular: Pure casting; nothing but robe armor for the most powerful Force powers and nigh inexhuastable force point pool. Lightsaber used mainly for decoration, deflecting the odd blaster bolt, or for stuffing specialty crystals into enhance force powers. Having Jedi by default doesn't either unbalances the game, or by the opposite extreme down-plays a Jedi's power. After all not every Jedi is a Master, and not every Sith is a Lord. I'm sure both sides have people who are just as ordinary as everyone else in the galaxy. As for how to handle the Light side / Dark Side and Jedi / Sith part, I haven't really thought that far ahead. I'm sure they could think of something though.
  8. To those of you listing the canonical genders/alignment under "Do not want" (kehe), you might as well bite the bullet and just start accepting it now. Since it's been announced, Lucasarts has made every attempt possible to ram their decision down the fan-base's throat, by publishing it in every official source where they could squeeze in a mention of it (Come on, like the nameless Jedi Exile has any place being mentioned in a book about droids for God's sake). Do you think they would hesitate for a second to finalize it in the third game? Might as well expect that the male, human, lightside, jedi, version of this game is also going to become canonized when all is said and done. That being said, just like everyone I would love to see some of the possible alternate futures created by combining the last two games and their different endings, but I'm not holding my breath. Do Want: A development schedule longer than a year. I'm more than willing to wait for a complete product. Mass Effect's breath taking graphics. Mass Effect's character creation process, combining a multitude of physical appearances as well as background story. Mass Effect's style of seemless dialogue options and full PC voice overs. (Are you seeing a pattern here yet?) Cameos. Bring back Carth, Bastila, and the entire gang from both games. I don't care how, just make it happen. Do Not Want: A new style of play. Tweek it if you must, but KotOR is an RPG, let's keep it that way. George Lucas to stand anywhere within 500 feet of development. Seriously, everything the man touches now turns into...well, the Phantom Menace. Let the fine men and women of Bioware handle things from here, and go back to profiting off it. Grey Jedis. Just...no.
  9. That same statue appears in the Jedi enclave on Dantooine; I don't think there's any strong indication it's a likeness of Ajunta Pall. And that Wookieepedia blurb sounds like it's grasping at straws.
  10. If you defeat Visas prior to making your first lightsaber, you will only recieve a lightsaber part from defeating her. If you defeated her after creating your lightsaber, you would recieve a random lightsaber. Was this what was happening, or did you have any mods installed? Getting Bao-Dur his Force training isn't difficult; it just depends on how you want to do it. If you don't care about him becoming a Light Jedi, just bring him around with you as you commit evil acts, and you'll lose influence fast. When he's down to about 10-20 Influence points you should be able to turn him into a Jedi. If you want him to follow the Dark path alongside you, you'll have no choice but to take a few Light-side hits to gain the fool's trust. The easiest way for me to do this is: 1. Ask him if he's alright after you are re-united in the Telos Jedi base. 2. Have him examine the atmospheric sensors on Dantooine and thank him for it. Then bring them back to the scout who wanted them, tell him you found the sensors inside, then offer to sell them back at the agreed upon price of 3000 credits instead of his offer of 5000. 3. On Nar-Shadaa save the man from the two Exchange thugs by Force-Persuading them to both leap to their death's. This is my favorite method because you'll gain dark side points, and influence with Bao-dur for saving the man. 4. Have Bao-Dur fix the air-car on Nar-Shadaa.
  11. Not a chance...There's no way Lucasarts would allow two Star Wars MMORPG's at the same time, they would just be stealing their own profits. I'd love to play one though; I just can't take SWG seriously at all.
  12. For once, I feel I must disagree with Prime and RedHawke. While Revan's story would have been complete if it had ended with the original game, K2 came along and had to expand Revan's role in the unfolding events of the galaxy. If the "true Sith" are going to play as big a role in the future of the KotOR series as Kreia seems to suggest, than Revan and the Exile's stories are far from complete. It would be like watching The Empire Strikes Back, and having the series end just as Leia and Lando escape Cloud City without ever seeing Luke again after leaving Dagobah. That being said, I don't particularly care to play as Revan or the Exile again in any potential KotOR3. Let me know what became of them and that's all I care about.
  13. That's exactly what RedHawke means, though a little while ago one modder stated he was working on a way to increase the amount of available body slots. Let's keep our fingers crossed so that mods like this will be possible.
  14. I can assure you, the "original" version did not contain any Male Revan / Carth content. If you check the release thread you can see where somebody asked me about it, and I told them the same thing.
  15. I don't want to continue reviving a mostly dead thread, but since RedHawke didn't give this mod its own release thread (that I know of), I'd like to just take a moment to say that since its release I've used this mod for every play through. Obviously Kreia doesn't get the benefit of the prestige powers, but it's a great little enhancement. I'm also with Shem, Visas should start the game as a Sith Assassin. She was never a Jedi after all, and she is the apprentice Sith Lord of Darth Nihilus.
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