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  1. don't you dare mention star trek in here, anyway i htink we should make the bridge enterable, and put all of the manual turrent controls in it, if it's destroyed, we somehow get rid of all the ppl inside and destry the manuel seats, and lock the door in, i think it can replace the shiled generator room, and we can move the geneartor to either the life soupport room or the engine room
  2. dude, just download a trainer, it does just that
  3. ahhhhh see the thing is, cracks, trainers, and things that can affect gameplay only works on 1.0, i upgraded to 1.01 so i can play the maps , but it dosn't let my trainer work anymore
  4. he's right you know, and ya, it doesn't say anything about patches or 1st person.... i hope it's a surprise, like.... from battlefront I, no wait, there were no surprises, let's all give up hope and respawn spam on deathstar and jump off the trench! *scarcastic* edit: and it's funny, when you read the XP logo it looks like xp, you know the dead guy with the toung out
  5. have you noticed that when a rebel or imperial kills someone, they will often go to their dead bodies, and shoot it with their pistol? this is kinda dumb, becuse they do this even if your in their face, and yes it's funny, but it's.... stupid.
  6. of course not, tehy can't fit it in a 8MB card, but it will be for xbox (da harddrive) and PC (PC > you, na just kidding PC>mac>xbox>ps2>gamecube)
  7. oh, i see your points, who actually reads all taht stuff in the lisence agreeement? besides go to http://www.starwarsbattlefront.filefront.com, and there are plenty of hex edits there...
  8. i see.... you can also appear like your hovering if you use force jump JUST before you touch the ground but you can only do this for like a few seconds
  9. i know, the good thing about emperor and vader is that they can both use force powers in mid-air unlike other jedi/sith.
  10. are you kidding me? i do that in every space battle, adios star desyroyer!
  11. un... i know your the admin and all, but plz don't get all hype and spam on us, and how do you type so much anyway? O_O
  12. yes, rhen var and bespin are in again! i love those maps, they're my favoriate from bf1, and extra jedi heros too! , i couldn't be happier, alough i'm expecting it late feb. apparently it's not gonna be out on time
  13. yes, it says Star Wars BattleFront II, duh! and i think he typoed the tread title
  14. what spam the training mission can get you awards? omg, i have to try that and also the easiest was to get marksman is to be rebs on mos eisly (not hero mode) and be a sniper at jabba's ship, simple go up to the wall, and snipe the AI in turrents, its' easy, try it
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