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  1. Well, botu the site were busy. And we use the forums when need be, we hope to have some demos out soon, give us time, well give you a demo. Zem
  2. I speak for them all, since im a member of them all one way or another (if there are any edits to this, please post): The DF mod is moving along, just there have been some people MIA, and our focus is finding those people, working hard until then, and gettign a demo out. The JK mod is moving nicely, but we are dealign with lack of workforce and also the dragging out of the demo. Once we get soem more people or a little more time passes for the current members, well give upcoming info ASAP. MotS is moving nicely, progress is going well. Like DF and JK, though all work that is being done is being kept private until a release. I hope that clears everythign up. Zem
  3. What was it,21? I think its 21, ill double check for ya.
  4. Great to see people are still using those old but wonderful engines!
  5. Yup, and any screenies taken from cutscenes i always have smaller than full screen, 1.Cause it saves space, and 2.Better resolution. Gte the program so you get it right.
  6. Gaara, keep your personal feelings off the board. And the pic actually supports Temp's saber since 1.Shadows cause black, and 2.The chrome is shown as yellow from the light. On a better note, everyone please visit the JKMod website, the new is updated along with new screenshots of my latest map, The Brothers Of the Sith. Enjoy! Zem
  7. Sounds good Zerimar, i personally like what your saying. The saber Kyle was using i am pretty sure was Yuns saber, and to explain abotu kyles saber in JO was it was Raven and LA not staying continuous, and after MotS there is some time before he gives the saber up.
  8. Hey Temp, where did you get that reference picture? I would love to see more of sabers from that ref. Zemmurk Trooper
  9. Very true Neon. Tempust, if you could send me a copy, i could take some pics for further comarison, and give a small critique of what bothers me with the saber to make it purely amazing. Zemmurk
  10. I know, double post, but i compared them side-by-side, and i dotn know, i woudl actually lean towards Tempust, its the most accurate one and personally has more character to it. Below is the pic, decide yourself . And the real one..
  11. Id actually like to compare them side-by-side, if one is better then well use it, i mean certain sabers have been made repeatedly and we want to use the best we can get.
  12. Yeah, i talked to Gaara as soon as he posted.
  13. Well, not really, but everyone has the option of re-pk3ing everything to their satisfaction for MP enjoyment. Also, there have been two attempts that i know of other than this one at remodeling Rahn's saber, one in a mod for JO and the other by Inyri Forge.
  14. Yeah, i like it, ive even seen it before and would download it if im not in a different state
  15. This is the Dark Forces Series Mods forums, not the Map Promotional fourms. Please follow the link and put it there, and if an admin could please move this or delete this post cause it doesnt need to stay . And as a reference for everyone, really nothing other than talk of DFMod and JKMod goes here. This is not the place for promotions of you own personal mods and maps. I have maps and mods outside these mods (granted i havent released those mods yet) but i would never have the notion that i could come to a popular forum just to advertise my mod. Now, i think Krattle has learned by now, the last paragraph wasnt really directed for him it was a notice for everyone else to not do something like that again. Zemmurk Trooper
  16. Yeah, true. JO used generally the same design, so you could even use some of their textures to touch it up.
  17. Awsome, when you use force does it deplete?
  18. Well, i was saying that since i could tell Sepherr instantly, and we also were discussing this in the forums and i didnt want us to go do 20 things before Sham approved, but it seems to be going good in our forums, so unless sham says ultimately no (which he seems to be for it) i say lets do it! And about Gaara, it wasnt that we werent getting along, just that he wanted us to put several thing in the mod, i said yes to some, no to others, (mostly possible), and when i said no he got frustrated and flipped out when i told him its up to the team and i had a no vote personally. The whole conversation gets a different point of view than just a part. And posting a point just to show that im a bad guy is not exactly something i would do or would want to see, i personally dont approve of it (though im not the admin so i cant delete it ) And the public doesnt want to hear this.... Zemmrc Troopah
  19. OK men, dont go there, ive go this handled . Ive mentioned it already and ive talked to Sepherr.
  20. well, i talked to you on MSNM with the conditions of doing this.
  21. Hmm, the saber glow should be able to be altered, we should check it out, most likely something Sham or Razor or JediSpy or any other coders could do.
  22. Awesome-once you get clearance for the team (it seems itll happen) move this discussion ove rto the team forums, ok? Iv emade the mistake myself of reveling too much her before putting it in the team forums. Hope to talk to you soon! Zemm "FuelMaster" Trooper BTW, SD, please got an instant messenger and give me your screenname so we can talk about some issues for the mod, itll help a lot
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