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  1. oh please mc stop it im sick of this
  2. in the books didnt they have the ability to send what one commando sees to the rest of his squad using somekind of cmaera i guess. why didnt sev do that
  3. umn sometimes if i jump off the bridge i land in some long corridor is there any way out of that???
  4. but why did the plot go that way
  5. english, german, spanish, mandalorian lol
  6. lol he sort of does this is a NICE map
  7. well a soldiers life is a sacrifice
  8. taclled

    Award weapons

    12 ppl to get the rifle
  9. well what can you do when they have the area layed with tunnels escape routes mines and they know their area better but as it seems its has quieted down till lebanon and israel kicked it off with a grand attack and counter
  10. Okay Mc where i agree on killing spam that looks like 1_337's post
  11. only problem i have is that sev always gets stuck sometimes if i kill him and revive him hes unstuck but usually not and the wierd thing is its only sev that gets stuck
  12. I got the Lamborghini logo on my desktop Lamborghini Logo
  13. U know i wouldnt be that suprised if he says he made them
  14. I cant remember how it looks but it doesn't say: GAME OVER
  15. Well you can kiss your katarn armor good bye. It Blows up the ship if i remember correctly
  16. Well i offered to move this between me and mc to another thread but i guess he backed off so i dont need to go on and sorry i had a rough day
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