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  1. yes and this should be in the mod section If you go under Factions you should be able to but first you have to extract the XML files...You can go and download one...sorry for the belated reply...
  2. Darth_Extas


    Any IDea where I could find the music from Rouge Leader? I am looking for it including the edits...its been a long and dry search so far...
  3. good video, interesting Idea of plots, nice use of BF2
  4. I have been unable to complete the Kashyyk mission in the Campaign Mode, yet I seem to win everytime in GC or Instant Play... I get to defending the Refinery, I kill all the snake driods, yet the Refinery still goes (since I am in a turrent what can I do?)
  5. Honestly I have found no difference between sniper rifles (asside from the award one has less ammo), Since I use Kamino as a shooting range I seem to be fine...
  6. Well it is one map, for one battle overall GC is bigger and generally has more features is why I choose to play it more offen...
  7. It seems I have been having a problem, I recently reinstalled EaW and EaW:FoC, in addition before I did the complete reinstallation of FoC, I copied my XML files, although now I am playing as the Empire in the Story campaign? I checked the XML and nothing is wrong with either XML...My guess is to reexract the XML, but right now it is debatable...
  8. the only thing I really think is need for me other then maybe more consortium units (lessen the power overall) then to add in the random events, although I do see their logic with not in (consortium in theory create the events). But still there is needed to be events between the Rebels and Imperials in order for the game to be truely complete.
  9. I only play singleplayer, I would be amazed if anyone was playing...This game is not as old as Starcraft, but it is old...
  10. Actually I have seen it done, Perhaps they just do not have enough credits, I have had them use all my custom Capitals as well as building normal, it just has to be cheap enough.
  11. Actually even simpler, you click on the music file and extract (of course from a .Meg Extractor). There are mixed extrators out there so it is best to find a good one. I suggest using the LucasFiles Site.
  12. I do not need to reiterate but I will none-the-less, Right-CLick on the Unit and press Sell
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