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  1. I've just come back after a... 2 or 3 year break I believe, but I only play Jedi Knight. oh well, I'm new to these forums, all of my old forums and sites died
  2. It's far easier to go from JK to MOTS than from MOTS to JK. Colored lighting wrecks havoc on it. *edit* Right, I didnt read the date on the post. I appear to have done the single longest float in history. Sorry, I was just looking through the forums to see what I have been missing and this caught my former modder/levelmaker's eye. Please do not ban me.
  3. Oh Level 9, how well I know ye. I know ye nearly as well as the back of my hand, prehaps better. Might I ask what your concern is? Which "Bottom" are you on? Are you in the tank, because if you are in the tank you must shut both doors before you can open the other one. If you are not yet in the tank, to gain access to the tank you must change the level of the alternate tank, by using the switches, the one where you enter the complex works nicely, if I remember, it's been a few years.
  4. So yea, I started playing JK back in 1997 when it came out. I played online on the MSN gaming zone for quite a long time. I recently notcied that it no longer seemed to exist. I was thinking of starting to play JK again ,and this made me very sad as I am far better at JK than I have been at any other game, including Gunz, and I would love to kill.. I mean play with people again. JK just holds so many memories for me, I would love to be caught up. is Massassi.net still the place for mods and levels? When I left SBX3.1 was the newest mod, is it still current or are they on SBX 5 now? Did they make a new Guardians of the Galaxy mod after Master Edition? Any new levels worth picking up? Where can i find people to brutaly slaughter and show off too... I mean play? Thanks and I cant wait to get back into the gaming arena
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