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  1. Ok, I downloaded OJP basic (I really love Trueview;)). I've got few questions about the vehicle improvements. The OJP_vehicles.txt says the following:


    Base game .veh parameters:
    lookYaw		//Affects the Yaw angles at which you can shoot.  Doesn't effect the crosshair/look yaw limits.
    turnWhenStopped	//Doesn't do anything.	
    pitchLimit	//Seems to affect the angle at which the walker's head is angled at when it's sitting empty. 2 = Head straight up.


    I tried AT-ST in OJP, and I understood the line "lookYaw //Affects the Yaw angles at which you can shoot." so that its head turns to left and right. However, it didn't. Maybe I understood wrong?


    And turnWhenStopped doesn't do anything in basejka either, so why is it mentioned there?

  2. heyhey!


    you can make the driver visible with this line in the .veh file:


    hideRider 1


    and the animation with this one:


    riderAnim [put the animation's name here]



    just check what's the name of the animation the player uses on swoop bikes and that should do it :)


    z0mg, hideRider 1 hides the rider, so that line should be left off. :o

  3. I've got a question.


    I have a router and I've set up the ports 29069-29071 to come to my computer's IP. When I start a dedicated server with +set net_port 29071 +set dedicated 2 I see it in the local list (which is right I guess). But, is it ok to see my computer's internal IP in the list? Not the external?

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