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  1. Hell I recently out of boredom decided to reinstall Battlefront 2 to my PC but I got this error. http://i38.tinypic.com/nujc9.jpg Can someone help me with this error?
  2. Alright I downloaded the Jedi temple map pack..but theres no way to access it. How do you access it cause I feel like I wasted 3 hours downloading something incapable of being played.
  3. just so happens for Lucasarts Nintendo has their paper roll, the only excuse they came up with for no online for Force Unleashed was because they wanted to get more sales for the wii by adding multiplayer, as well as give staggering portables online versions as well. I just don't see why they had to make it a exclusive, why give multiplayer to a console which is in last place with Online Services its a smack in the face to all 360 and PS3 owners. I played the demo and I will honestly buy this game, but without online replay value is limited. But I believe theres more to that excuse than just lack of sales for one console if we all check you can notice that Lucas Arts is coming out with Star Wars:Clone Wars this game will feature multiplayer battles as well, what the hell. *sigh* I guess we will never see a online predecessor to lucasarts Jedi Knight Academy.
  4. No, The books do include troopers, droids, clones, and rebels It would not call for a new game. I never said there wasn't action in the movies, just what they took from the scenes of the movies were not big enough to even be a battlefront scene as in battlefront. Example of maps that HAD NO BATTLE AT ALL. Mos Eisley Mustafar Polls Massa Jabba's Palace Also they relate greatly more action in the books than in the movies. If you read the books it would make sense.
  5. Um, no this is the right forum "dude" if you understand there are many fighting scenes as well as battlefront related scenes. just cause my idea relates to the books does not mean none of the books have any "battlefront" worthy game play. Unless you have never read any On a side note, why would it call for another game? they took scenes from episode 3 that were not even that much of a battlefront battle and made it seem large in game when really it was a few troopers v.s on a few druids. example of these moments with SWBF2 that had "NO" battlefront related action in the movies. 1.Felucia. 2.Jabba's Palace. 3.Death Star.(inside) 4.Mos Eisley. 5.Mustafar. 6.Polls Massa 7.Yavin 4 8.just about 40% of all the Space Maps. Need I go on?
  6. I would like the game to relate to one of the many book series after episode 1 through anakin training as a jedi within the 10 years. maybe even through lukes time as a jedi master at his academy on yavin. I think the 3rd should relate to the prequel book series and the after books of luke and possibly the solo children also.
  7. I liked 1.1 for the mass community thats online. I use 1.0 for Mods since with 1.0 it plays just about all modded maps without crashing. 1.1 never really did hold all the way through some modded maps. But I use 1.1 for online play and 1.0 for single player. I was able to get a program that allows me to switch, love it.
  8. my Friend gave me this game once he got bored with it but, I lost the CD about 4 weeks ago and installed a nocd crack to it I'm thinking of going to go buy the game again all I need to know if theres a store out here in virginia that sells it.
  9. When I start up JKA Multiplayer and go to join server or play solo it says this after I try to add a bot or join a game. how can I fix this?
  10. My whole view on BF3 is towards the NEW era after episode 6 which expands to "young Jedi knights the book" comics mostly its where the ilstrated gets its chance of the game.
  11. Its kotor II I Kill krea and it jumps to the menu right afther, then I have to do it all over again
  12. I just beat kira and (forgive me if this is part of the game sense I don't know) once she dies it goes right back to the main menu any reason why?
  13. Clan Name/Tag:Sith Knights[sK] Leader:{SK}LDR.Flash {Flash512} System: PC Location: USA or Mexico or Canada Official Website: comign soon look for our server Sith knnight TRYOUTS
  14. there is a hero-on and hero-off choice so thats helpful
  15. 217-online 340 singleplayer (big map)^1000vs1000
  16. Well I know alot of people will choose Jedi since people just go for the easy kills "/ would be cool to have a jedi vs sith saber war
  17. it only works for certen versons of SWB
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