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  1. What's this? Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 NF Sabers Tournament! When? Wednesday February 4th! How do I sign up? http://jkdf2.net/index.php?page=TournamentSignUp SM Sith Lord will be streaming on his twitch channel. It goes all day. If you can't make it that day you will not advance this will be an all day event! Sign ups will close the 31st.
  2. I got the technical preview on Win10 2 months ago I think and I have been trying to get JK to work on it. I used the JK patch from todoa I think it was from which enables 32 bit and it works in full screen and everything except the HUD, crosshair, and map flicker like crazy... see the screen shots This is a Dell Optiplex 760 Core 2 Duo 3.33 GHz 4 GB of Ram Windows 10 Technical Preview (latest version) 64 Bit Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT I made a jkhub post http://jkhub.net/project/show.php?projid=751 Not much more there just 2 or 3 posts. Any ideas or suggestions? Does a ddraw wrapper need to be created for JK and MotS? Also note that MotS does not have a 32 bit patch... yet. Also want to add that JK and MotS will not work with an AMD graphics card past version 13.1 on Windows 7 not sure about Windows 10. Not an issue for me since all my PCs have Nvidia cards but a few people in the community use AMD cards.
  3. I would highly recommend using the Alt Installer to install JK AND MotS However if you are still running into issues please check out this link: http://jkdf2.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=124&t=262393&p=274564#p274564
  4. We mirrored again on the new jkdf2.net on the main page under MotS there is a link or.. go here: http://jkdf2.net/JKBot/JKArchive/JKDF2/Websites/Official%20MotS%20Website/Hidden%20Bespin%20Level%20Instructions.htm
  5. http://www.jkdf2.net is back under new ownership. Since ReT retired he handed the site over to me, I had a very hard time finding someone who was actually going to work on the site till AcidRain stepped in and we all worked together on this one. There are also dedicated servers running all the time and plenty of people on the #jk chat room plus on skype now too which makes team MP even more fun! Check it out!
  6. If you missed the 13th anniversary, do not worry we are still playing today, we are doing a tournament, so feel free to stop by again!
  7. Tomorrow is JK's 13th birthday everyone should stop by #JK on gamesurge to get a few rounds of CTF or good ol fashioned Sabers! http://www.beefyproductions.net/
  8. You probably should have googled the name first.... Id suggest changing the name only to cut down on confusion Plus Im sure a few people wouldnt like it
  9. the save game probably got corrupt
  10. Oh I know how to get JKE to work with MotS.. thats a simple fix hehe the only thing on massassi that does not work is patch commander... but you can get that on jkdf2.net Also what is that map in the MotS SS's it looks like an addon map with mara jade
  11. Hey check out http://www.jkdf2.net Someone there might have an answer for you... that is where the JK community is anyway, not many people here know much about JK
  12. I am cirious as to how you did it cause when I did it, it overwrote Kyle for me.... anyway those shots look awesome also if you want SBX or any other JK mod your looking in the wrong spot go to http://www.massassi.net they have every level/mod released.... except for a few exceptions... and for recent stuff go to http://www.jkhub.net eventually it will all be on http://www.jkdf2.net << this is the new home for JK that is run by me and ReT
  13. Jedimike do you play online? Would you be interested in a game of Jk or MotS? Cause ive been dying to get some MotS in #jk chat room is playing mostly JK right now and I ask for some mots but they usually are not interested...
  14. The only other thing that I wish would get done are the light sabers its too bad you can like mix the SBX sabers with JKE if you do... the SBX models overwrite the JKE models
  15. Oh thats the A-Wing... forgot about that Then you would also need the X-Wing for the ship level
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