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  1. It looks like they've cleared out all their merchandise now, except the Surfin' the Highway paperback. Any chance we could get the Sam and Max seasons 1-3 boxart posters up here too?
  2. I would kill a man to get hold of a hi-res version of that GF mural.
  3. I was wondering how progress is going on the SMI talkie version using the SMI:SE tracks? Is it still working or has it been shut down? There is nothing about it on the thread for weeks. Thanks!

    -Derek Whaley

  4. Wow, has it been that long? Sorry for my absence this week, Real Life stepped in to prevent me putting any time into this project for a short while. I have all of tomorrow off though, so I'll get working on that installer post-haste.
  5. Honestly, I'm not that bothered about putting that joke in (nor, really, "fixing" any other part of the CD version). I'm all for it if it's optional though.
  6. I'm trying to use the new mkspeech tool, but when I put the mi1new.txt file back into the game, scummtr says: ERROR: NULL char in line 0. What am I doing wrong?
  7. I'm aiming to get a working version of my installer up tonight to make it easier for people to join in and test the speech. EDIT: I'm having a bit of trouble getting it to the run the encoder. I'll get this up ASAP, but it won't be tonight.
  8. Yes, we're going to offer this as a patch... but what do you mean "not have to buy a new one"?
  9. I'm missing speech on any line with a TM symbol. This is looking (sounding?) better and better though!
  10. That's exactly what cocomonk22 sent me; a hack-only version of the MISP patcher.
  11. I need to fix a couple of small problems, but I think I've got a good batch file. It automates everything we've done so far (dumps the wav files, encodes to mp3 or ogg, creates mi1.txt, runs mkspeech and puts the mi1new.txt back into the game). It checks to make sure the required files are there too.
  12. Ah, yes. I am an idiot. Wow, the resulting file makes the opening chat with the lookout very bizarre.
  13. Awesome! I'm trying it out now. By the way, I sent you a PM jott. Just a small question to help me with my batch file. EDIT: I tried the new mkspeech tool (after doing a fresh dump/conversion of all the voices and a new mi1.txt) and it gives me the following error: "Could not find SLP_71_gh-room_9_1.mp3" and closes.
  14. If somebody is able to create a GUI tool that would be fantastic. It's way outside my abilities though (I'm stumbling through making this batch file, to be honest). I'm all for Spiffy being an optional addition, if people want that in there.
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