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  1. When did I rage? hmm

  2. "Hey Nedak, still raging I see."


    I never raged at you, Afrolady. I just think you're cute. :)


  3. You found/got the avatar again? Very nice.

  4. Then my work here is done.



  5. Your username makes me hungry.

  6. If that's so, that's what happens when I see pictures of Obama with a Hitler mustache all over the place.

  7. Seems like you're reading waayyy to much into it. But, whatever floats your boat. ;)

  8. The connection of Joker, with socialism, with Obama... Saying that they are all the same.


    Fun to play dumb, isn't it?

  9. Agree w/what? That the joker was a socialist? :giveup:

  10. I was asking you, since you seem to display it... Which suggests you agree with it. ;)

  11. I'm afraid you'll have to take that up with the artist. Good luck tracking him down. ;)

  12. I don't remember a huge mass of people calling Bush Hitler.


    That would be preposterous as Bush's atrocities were no where as near as bad as Hitler.


    I still lack to see how the Joker was a Socialist, since he was in-fact an Anarchist.

  13. Artistic liberties it would seem. I saw it and thought it funny....kinda like how others portrayed Bush as Hitler, though I don't recall Bush being German/Austrian....;)

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