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  1. If you want i can make a vid of it if you cant figure it out
  2. Meh i found this the day i got bf2. Be the CIS on any space map and fly over to the republic hanger. Then land it indside and take off with one of their ships. Almost as soon as u take off, land. If you do this just right u will get outside of the shield that wont let you out if you walk up to it. If done right you should now be on a ledge outside the starship that goes all the way around it. If you jump off it takes forever to die, but it is cool to see the ships fade away.
  3. Every time i start up the beta and try to log in it says "Unable to connect to gamespy severs. Please try again." But i can get into my gamespy arcade just fine... wht do i do
  4. Others have probably figured this out already but you can get on top of the melenium falcon in the hoth level. Go to options and turn friendly fire off. The go up to the ship and grenade jump (through grenade at floor and jump over it as it explodes) This will take a few trys but you can get on top of the falcon. Use the same teniche to get to places you normaly cant go.
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