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  1. I can't offer much in terms of advice, but I hope the museum can stay alive as a testment to a great game. Great job Santiago!
  2. Du Man


    A toast to you for a costum you can use twice in the same year! Its like coming back to an old home on this forum. Happy Halloween and Day of the Dead to you all!
  3. I ban you because Halloween is almost here and YOU didn't put your decorations out!
  4. Hell Michael Land's music for this game could stand on its own as a masterpiece, but with REAL INSTRUMENTS? That'd be insane!
  5. yeah, but if it is released and successful I do imagine they'd put out a PC port pretty soon. After all M$ dominates the PC market when it comes to games, and the 360 is just an M$ sanctioned computer.
  6. I ban you for talking about this thread. And what's this "I can ban you" nonsense? When you can ban, YOU BAN!
  7. I ban you for wishful thinking
  8. I ban you because of the shortage in monies
  9. woot! Now I just have to wait till photobucket is back up
  10. Okay so I got the soda popper posing as a psychoanalyst, but I can't get the one with glasses or the one that pees all the time. I got a glove, the video, a spraycan, and the gas grenade launcher. Am I missing something?
  11. good stuff! May be you could have recolored the scenes from the game to match the color of the mural, though I guess the shots on black does work a nice contrast. You could have also blurred the shots a bit to avoid it looking like they're just screencaps, or maybe blurred them into the background a bit, but still, good job!
  12. Rubacava, why don't you just make a new vid? May I suggest using Delta Spirit's "People, Cmon"?
  13. So I was cruiszin some POVRay images and found a familiar scene It was made by Jonathan Hunt, whose work you can see at http://xlcus.com/povray/. This specific pic is titled "Alien Island" and he was even nice enough to post the source code he used to render the image!
  14. my mind can't help but play that song every time I watch your video! However I'm surprised youtube is now just muting videos instead of taking the whole thing down. Maybe you could email the band to request associating their music with the game through your video?
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