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  1. Korriban and Kashyyyk are my favorites.
  2. Yeah, I think that's why in Mass Effect, they ditched the different languages for the non-human species, because it was annoying... and of course everyone complained that the aliens spoke english. Devs can't win it seems.
  3. I loved Juhani in the first game for the simple reason that her problems weren't solvable by Revan in 8 easy steps, (unlike all the other party members), because her worst enemy is herself. And that's not going to just go away with some female bonding and a latte (or the SW equivalent of a latte).
  4. I, and Kreia, beg to differ: "You have gathered Sith holocrons, Sith teachings from across the galaxy. It is why you have chosen servants who cannot feel the Force. And most importantly, they cannot feel what you have become."
  5. Hmm, I found Bao-Dur's voice to be very indicative of a man who seems calm on the surface, but in reality who's anger is barely held in check. Funny how different people see things, isn't it?
  6. I think Malak had tons of potential and BioWare dropped the ball by making him into a horribly cliche villian.
  7. Aww, so much Bao hate makes Melly sad.
  8. Yeah, me! And several other ladies on other boards. Seriously, Bao-Dur is my favorite character and I would be completely hacked and loathe this game that I love now, if it turned out he died.
  9. Nope, someone just wants indisputable proof.
  10. If memory serves, and it might not, the LS ending to the game was made canon long before TSL was even created. It's also an homage (or a rip off depending on your point of view) to the ending of A New Hope. And honestly I don't see how the LS ending would make any less sense in the context of TSL than the DS ending would. In fact the DS ending makes less. I mean Revan has an unlimited army at his/her beck and call, an apprentice that can perform Battle Meditation, and s/he abandons it all to go fight this threat to his/her power by him/herself? That makes no sense to me.
  11. I refuse to believe my Bao is dead. Until I see indisputable proof in game, or actually hear it, in person, from Chris Avellone's mouth I refuse to believe it.
  12. *sigh* They couldn't of thought up something more original than that? I mean "Revan did it" seems so predictable.
  13. So true, but having the whole revalation scene with Jolee in his sock suspenders is just too much for me. I mean that scene's supposed to be all serious and here I am cracking up over Jolee's undies.
  14. I prefer the Exile. I just like her story better because it's more personal. She's searching for the truth about herself, and putting the past to rest.
  15. I always use Juhani, mainly for story purposes, because she's the only one that doesn't have to break her way out of prison to break everyone else out of prison.
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