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  1. In the Jedi Apprentice series of books, apprentices must be chosen as padawans by the age of 13 or they are forced to leave the Order. Much like Disciple in K2. If Bastila was still just an apprentice then she would have been under the age of 13.
  2. By going from information and dates given by Bastila and others in the game. Bastila says she was still an apprentice when Revan left for war, meaning she had not been chosen as a padawan yet. That would also mean, from everything I've seen/read, that Bastila was about 12-13, or perhaps even younger. Revan I see as being about 20-21 when s/he left for the Mandalorian Wars (and this is pretty much universally excepted by other forum members, if not here then elsewhere. From what I've seen at least) because I cannot see Republic soldiers listening to a teenager, Jedi or not. Making him/her 27-28 in K1. It is an assumption, I admit, but one backed up fairly well, by facts in the game.
  3. He says it after you come off the Ebon Hawk, "First Bastila comes out looking like she saw a ghost and now you." He's talking about coming off the Ebon Hawk not out of the Council chambers. Bastila was upset because she shared a vision with Revan not because she found out that Revan was Revan. The vision happened when they were both asleep and I doubt they were sleeping in the Council chambers. Bastila knew very well that Revan was Revan on Taris. When you first meet her, after the swoop race, she says: "And as for you, if you think you can collect me as a prize...Wait... I don't believe this! You're... uh... you're one of the soldiers with the Republic fleet, aren't you?" (Quoted from the .tlk files, emphasis mine.) Note the hesitation, she almost said: "I don't believe this you're Revan!" Where do people get this from? I've heard it multiply times, but there is absolutely no evidence in game of Revan and Bastila knowing each other prior to the events of K1. Bastila probably knew of Revan, but personally? I highly doubt it. And even if they did know each other, considering that Bastila would have been about 12-13 when Revan (who would have been about 20-21) left for the Mandalorian Wars I doubt they had a relationship.
  4. I agree. Considering how nosey Jolee is, it's almost a given that he spied on Revan and Malak when they first came to Kashyyyk looking for the Star Map.
  5. Probably this one. As it seems to be the most popular from what I've seen.
  6. The cantina in Dreshdae wins, but only because, as Mace MacLeod pointed out, it's called "The Drunk Side". But I think the cantina on Onderon has the best music.
  7. I don't know if you can really say that. In the New Essential Guide to Droids they say that HK-47 and the HK-50's destroyed GO-TO on Malachor V allowing Remote to reactive (or rather deactive) the MSG. And that never appeared in game, but is now considered canon.
  8. I voted neutral I think he looks interesting, but not scary. (Not like when I first pulled my Star Wars Insider out of the mailbox and dropped it because Darth Maul was looking back at me. That was scary.) But he does have an intriguing mysterious look about him. I mean that stark almost white mask and the black holes with no eyes, speaks volumes of the soulless individual within those robes.
  9. QFE That's what the One says about Revan's attack on the his scouts (I know because I checked the dialog files after ED posted that). There is absolutly no mention of Force Lightning or Force Storm. Just that Revan used her "magic" on them. Which could have been anything from pushing them with the Force to choking them to death.
  10. Row five, first pic the two times that I played Revan as a male character. And the Revan I used the other zillion times: Click Here
  11. S_W_LeGenD, you're talking about the Force power Force Storm. I can do that with Jolee, and I've seen Visas clear whole rooms of life on Onderon and the Ravenger with it. It's not something that is unique to Revan and Revan alone. And as others have said the Black Rakata (that would be the One's tribe) had never, ever, ever seen anyone use the Force before. Revan could have picked up a pebble and thrown it at the One, using the Force, and he would have bowed down to her like she was a god. That all said I voted for Nihilus. The only reason he fell to the Exile, was because the Exile is dead to the Force (even Visas says that what she feels in the Exile is not something you would normally feel from "a living thing").
  12. You have to talk to and repair the "greeting" droid (the one at the landing pad). Need a fairly high Awareness or T3 in your party and a good Repair skill. After you've repaired it, ask it what it know about you personally and it will activate the hologram.
  13. It's a feature. There's even a feat you can take that will make your character (and companions) regenerate faster than normal.
  14. Yes that is indeed what I meant. Note to self: re-read messages after posting.
  15. When you're talking with Kreia about the Exile being able to hear Bao-Dur's thoughts and Kreia says "Indeed. Strange that I did not." She says it just like Emperor Palpatine in RotJ.
  16. There is also the problem of gender. As Sion is obviously male and you can set Revan to male or female in your first conversation with Atton.
  17. You know I don't understand that. Atton "whines" (which seems to be the main complaint from the Carth haters) more than Carth does, if not more.
  18. I've spent alot of time and effort into perfecting a Bao build that is near unstoppable. I also just like Bao. His personality meshs well with my female Exile's. And there's that too.
  19. You really want to hear this? Okay you asked for it. K1: Taris: Carth & Mission then T3 when you get him Dantooine: Carth & Canderous then Bastila when I have to use her and then back to Canderous again. Tatooine: Carth & Juhani (switching in Bastila to do her side quest) Kashyyyk: Carth & Zaalbar, till I lose Big Z and then Carth & Juhani and then Carth and Jolee when I get him. Korriban: Carth & Jolee Manaan: Carth & Jolee Unknown World: Carth & Jolee Star Forge: Carth & Jolee What can I say? I'm a screaming fangirl. K2: Peragus: Atton, Kreia and T3 (of course) Citadel Station: Atton & Kreia Telos: Bao-Dur and Atton Dantooine: Bao-Dur and Atton Dxun Part I: Bao-Dur and Disciple Onderon Part I: Bao-Dur and Mandalore Nar Shaddaa: Bao-Dur and Atton Dxun Part II: Bao-Dur, Disciple, and Atton (Freedon Nadd's tomb) Onderon Part II: Mira & Kreia Korriban: Bao-Dur and Disciple or Visas Like I said I'm a screaming fangirl.
  20. I concure... he's never to be seen again.
  21. This is exactly what I did, and perhaps I shouldn't have stated it "with certainty" as you say, but frankly there is very little information out there on Zabraks in general, and there is no other explanation other than their extraordinary willpower. Though I do find it odd that Bao is the only one on the ship that she can't read, he's a Zabrak, and that Zabrak are said to have strong willpower. Looks too convenient to be anything else, IMHO. And if you want to get into gaming terms Zabraks get a +2 to saves vs. mind-affecting.
  22. "Zabrak tend to have amazing mental ability." Click Here "Zabrak are hardy and possess above-average willpower." Click Here "Zabrak have well-developed mental willpower that allows them to withstand extreme physical pain and suffering." Click Here "They were born with vestigal horns and well-developed mental willpower." Click Here
  23. I prefer Sion, especially when playing a female Exile. He gained more depth IMHO and became more than a "Crush. Kill. Destroy." character. Of course he has more depth than Nihilus either way.
  24. According to WildStorm (who, unless I'm wrong, is working on the Restoration Project) there is no evidence of this anywhere in the game. Merely speculation because of the "make my sacrifice count" line that can be heard on the offical site, but is not on the discs anymore (and therefore not restorable by Team Gizka). Which leads me to believe, that if it was going to happen, it was cut early on in production. Also the reason why Kreia cannot see into Bao's thoughts is, quite simply, because he is a Zabrak. Iridonia is a harsh and unforgiving planet, and because of this, the Zabrak have developed an almost iron will. This is why Bao can block Kreia's attempts at "reading" his thoughts. The reason the Exile can read his thoughts is because 1) she's Force bonded to him and 2) because he lets her.
  25. Just checked the .tlk file for K1. Nowhere, except in the journal entries, is he referred to as "Uthar Wynn" just Master Uthar. I too always assumed it was "Vynn" like how you pronounce Richard Wagner, with a v sound.
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