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  1. I think the OP is confusing what he says to a female Exile with male Exile: Female Exile: {Quiet} Do not harm her. I command it. {Slight respect} She... has earned this. She and I will meet again. Male Exile: {Sion watches the player flee, his face furious. The Sith assassins gather behind him} {Furious, can't understand it, but makes him jealous of male player} She protects him. Shields him. {Doesn't turn} Find him. Hunt him wherever he travels. He will not escape me again. I will bring his corpse to her, cast it at her feet. It will be as if killing her children. I will kill all she protects, all she shields, until her hands are drenched in blood.
  2. It's pronounced with the 'V' sound according Kriea in K2, but spelled Wynn.
  3. The only alternate ending I know of is the one where if the female PC was dark (and had sucessfully romanced Carth) she could be redeemed on the Star Forge, when Carth shows up, by killing Bastila and letting the Republic destroy the Forge, and therefore dying there with Carth.
  4. It was in the thread there ages ago (I couldn't tell you which one). One of the devs posted that Mical, Brianna, and I think Mira are all 25.
  5. IIRC (and I might not) one of the devs said she was in her sixties.
  6. Wookieepedia knows how old Brianna and Mical are (25) because that's how old the devs said they were.
  7. I play Consular/Jedi Master almost exclusively. Just like in K1 I play Scoundrel/Consular almost exclusively. So I voted Consular.
  8. Ditto. I always convert Yuthura back the LS, so the academy goes hostile on us. I use Juhani and Carth for that though, Juhani is always just inside the door, I leave her on her own (and she took out all the Sith down there, BTW) and go help Carth. I use Mission to stealth my way past the rancor to the door, then kill those two guards (one frag grenade usually does the trick), and then just stand there and lob grenades at the rancor from inside the door until it's dead. The rancor can't get to you so you don't have to worry about running away and then coming back. Also after you kill it this way, you can use the odor to "kill" it again.
  9. So? What does "canon" have to do with what gender you see the Exile as? I see Revan as female, and they made Revan canonically male, but that doesn't change my opinion one bit, she's still female to me. And it shouldn't change yours about the Exile either if you see him as male.
  10. The reason I didn't find Handmaiden attractive was because she is way too skinny (that and I'm a Bao girl ). I think this about Mira too, but Mira makes up for it in personality, IMO Handmaiden doesn't, however. I mean even as a girl I can recognize and appreciate feminine beauty and I think the only one that really wins in that category is Visas. And she has no eyes! I said I wasn't going to talk about this, but I can't help myself it seems. Though I liked playing a male Exile I didn't like the relationship between Handmaiden and the Exile. It seemed too much to me like she was looking for a replacement for her father in him. And, again like Emperor Devon, I find Disciple much more interesting to talk to, but then people have told me I should be a philosopher. It also seems to me that Di and the Exile would have more in common than Handmaiden and the Exile. Except for their knowing Atris there is nothing (which in of it's self I find odd that the Jedi would have these handmaiden "servants". )
  11. Female. And I think the less I say on that the better. Suffice to say I agree with everything Emperor Devon posted.
  12. Let's see... I leave everyone at level 11 until I can make them Jedi. Atton, Gets Two Weapon Fighting and keeps his blasters (fully upgraded Mandalorian Rippers or Disintegrators). For Force powers he gets the Energy Resistance, Force Barrier, Speed, and Armor Trees to start with and then any other buffing Force powers. Disciple, Gets a double bladed lightsaber (usually green or viridian) and pretty much the same powers I give Atton but also Stasis and Force Push/Whirlwind/Wave trees. Mira, Gets the dueling feats and a single Mandalorian Ripper or Disintegrator to make use of all the ranged specific feats she gets as a scout. Also she gets the same Force powers as Atton. Bao-Dur, Gets the dueling feats and a single bladed saber. Now I know he gets all those cool unarmed attack feats but a sinlge saber can be upgraded to have a higher attack bonus and more damage while still allowing Bao to use his shield breaker ability. Also sabers can be used to increase he defense (another benefit in using the Dueling line of feats). I also make sure Bao gets the Force Barrier, Armor and Speed trees and the Energy Resistance tree. I've only used Handmaiden once and I don't remember how I leveled her up.
  13. Um, while this is an interesting discussion, what the heck does it have to do with Malak and the three Sith Lords from K2?
  14. I was always under the opposite impression. Two things made me think this: one is when Bao pulls you, Atton and Kreia out of the shuttle he says "But it's only fair, I owe you more than one, General" which to me means the Exile saved his life a few times. Also later when Bao is recounting the events at Malachor when they set off the MSG he says "I remember the look you had when you turned to me. It was the longest you'd ever looked at me. You didn't say anything - just a nod", both indicate to me that they spent at least a fairly long time together, a least towards the end of the war. I always had the feeling that the Exile was in charge of parts and technical and that's why s/he was the one to set off the MSG (but that just could my Exile, Miss fix-it freak). And Bao was part of her/his crew.
  15. Well, I did say it might be the fangirlism talking. I love Bao and really wish he had been a romance option. **shakes fist at Obsidian** Maybe it's just my Exile, because she loves machines just as much as Bao, they were both at Malachor (so he can empathize on that front), they're both kinda quiet, and there is the fact that she is the only one who can 'read' him (although that goes for both genders).
  16. ^^^Um, but they're assassins. There's nothing like giving yourself away with a loud snap-hiss.
  17. There actually is a way to fix HK without killing the three HK-50's on Nar Shaddaa, but unfortunately I can't remember exactly how I did it. I think I got the first two (on Peragus and the Telos pole) and installed them. Then I bought the third piece from the Khoonda merchant, but hadn't installed it. Then I went to look through Kodin's store (still without the third piece installed) and instead of the repeat item, it was the HK Chassis, the piece that you pick up from the three HK's that T3 fries in the droid warehouse.
  18. It's a conversation between Coorta and the "maintence officer" (in reality the HK-50) about him (Coorta) contacting the guy to take the Exile off Peragus. I presonally don't think that Atton was there to pick up the Exile. One reason is the missing ship he would have arrived in. AFAIK, the only ship on Peragus is the Ebon Hawk. The other is that Atton freaks out when you end up at the Jedi Academy on Telos because well, they're Jedi. He also doesn't like the idea that you AND Kreia are Jedi. I just can't see Atton wanting anything to do with Jedi, and Coorta does say the guy would like to know "details" of the operation. Also Atton knows almost nothing about what has been going on in the station. I personally think Atton was working on a fuel ship, violated the weapons rules and got his butt thrown in jail. And the fuel ship left without him.
  19. OMG, we finally agree on something. I've always thought that Handmaiden looked upon male Exile as a replacement for her father. And I liked Visas better too, when I played male Exile. I think she can identify with the Exile more, I mean he felt all those people at Malachor and she felt all the people of Katarr die (which is the same reason I think Bao is the perfect match for female Exile, but that may just be the fangirlism talking ).
  20. True, but you can't argue Bastila/Revan is better for the same reason. I prefer Carth and I know that others don't. I was simply giving my reasons why I prefer the Carth/Revan romance over the Bastila/Revan romance. And Carth is 38, says so in his bio on the Star Wars databank. I see Revan as being in his/her 30's so Carth's age, to me, is irrelevent when speaking of the Carth/Revan romance. I also have a reason for like F!Revan better, because I cannot in any way, shape, or form, see Juhani opening up to a man, considering her past.
  21. The Exile and his/her followers, (for the sake of convience I'm going to call the Exile "she') She develops Force Bonds with other that make them follower her against their will. That doesn't sound like the basis for good relationships. The only possible exceptions could be Bao-Dur and Disciple since they knew the Exile before she hit wound status. But even then she still influence people. Vrook rants about this to Vandar in the holo-record the droid on Dantooine. It wasn't for me. When I saw her on the temple top for the first time with my LS female character my first thought was "oh, no". And I tried everything in my power to redeem her, even after Carth's love speech. I was not angry at Bastila, neither was my PC, she was just disappointed and angry at Malak. Also when Malak first took Bastila, I envisioned Carth dragging my F!Revan off the Leviathan by force because she didn't want to leave Bastila in Malak's hands. Also I want to add one thing that perhaps Bastila's fall is more powerful if you play LSM, however, finding out your Revan is tens times as powerful if your romancing Carth than it is romancing Bastila. Bastila already knows you're Revan, Carth doesn't, which is a major kick in the gut. And the fact that the information was given to him by Saul Karath is another twist of the knife. There's a bug that prevents to the following conversation from firing, however, it can be restored with cjt2020's Carth romance fix mod, this is the dialog that is supposed to take place after you escaped the Leviathan if your PC if female. Shayla is my PC: Shayla: We have to go back for Bastila! Carth: Not so fast. I need to know if Malak said about you is true of not, first. You aren’t... you can’t be, can you? Shayla: It looks that way. I’m… Darth Revan. Mission: Revan? What? What are you talking about? Is this some kind of joke? Carth: No it’s no joke. The Jedi Council captured Revan and erased the Dark Lord’s mind, programming it with a new identity. Saul Karath told me on the Leviathan and Bastila confirmed it! Mission: You’re Darth Revan? This is… this is big. Do you… do you remember anything about being the Dark Lord? Shayla: Small bits. A few strange dreams and visions. That’s all. Mission: Just a few flashes? That’s it? Nothing more? Then I don’t think there’s a problem. Mission: It seems to me that if you don’t really remember anything about being Revan then it doesn’t really matter anymore. You are who you are now, right? Carth: Of course it still matters! How do we know more memories won’t come flooding back? How do we know Revan won’t suddenly turn on us? Carth: I have been such a fool! I… I swore to protect you! And here you were the enemy all this time! Shayla: I’m not your enemy Carth, I swear! Carth: But… you’re the one responsible for the death of my wife, the destruction of my home world! You destroyed my life! Carth: How could I have been such a fool! How could I have not known?! How could you betray me like this! Shayla: Please Carth don’t do this to me! Carth: You should have known. I…**sigh** I should have figured it out. I just can’t… was, was everything a lie then? Everything we talked about? Shayla: Everything that was important was real, Carth. Carth: Are you sure? I’m not sure what to believe anymore whose to say that your old life won’t come back… all of it? Carth: Was the woman we knew Revan or someone else? Will you change into Revan? How… how can any of use trust you? Mission: Well I trust you! I know you.. and you’re not Revan anymore. Whatever you used to be, you’re one of use now! Zaalbar: I agree with Mission. I swore a life-debt to the person you are, not the person you were. Mission: Big Z and I will stick by you. We owe you our lives: we won’t desert you now! Carth: I don’t know if I can get over it that easily, Mission. I mean… after all Revan did… how could any of us forgive her? Canderous: Everyone knows it was Malak who gave the order to attack your people, Carth. You can’t blame Revan for that. Carth: I… I suppose you’ve proven yourself to be a friend of the Republic by your actions so far…Revan. But can I trust you? Can any of us? ***insert other companion talks here*** Shayla: Well, Carth… what are you going to do? Carth: I don’t know. Maybe I just need time to. Uh… to think about it. Carth: The others seem to trust you… and we need you to stop the Sith. And I suppose Malak is the real enemy here. But I don’t have much choice but to go along with this for now, do I? Shayla: I won’t let you down, Carth. I promise. Carth: I want to believe you. You’ve proven yourself time and time again during our mission, but this is a little much for me to wrap my mind around. Shayla: How do you think I feel? Carth: This must be even more of a shock to you… I don’t know how you even keep going. I guess we both just have to find a way to push forward. Carth: Don’t worry about me- I’m a soldier. I can put aside my misgivings for now. We can, uh… we can talk later, you and I. Just give me time. Carth: So I guess that’s it then… we keep going. We’ve still got one more Star Map to uncover if we’re going to find that Star Forge and save Bastila. So let’s do it before it’s too late. The first time I saw this in-game it had me, literally, in tears. Raphael Sbarge is an excellent voice actor. And the Quest log for Carth: Carth is devastated after finding out who you truly are. Give him some time. Perhaps once the Star Maps have been found and the mission is nearer to its conclusion, you might want to try talking to him again. Um, so? Revan's not exactly young, at least not mine. I mean she's old enough to be Dustil's mother. So.... Just means he's more experienced, something I like in a man. He flirts with the female PC to distract her from the questions she wants to ask and he doesn't want to answer. Yoshi, I have to ask. Have you ever played the female romance with Carth?
  22. And the same thing could be said for LS F!Revan in regards to Carth, when Bastila makes her offer on the Temple Summit. Also, I never said that love shouldn't play a part, I said it shouldn't be the only reason.
  23. Um, no he didn't. He gave us a link to Wikipedia, which can be edited by anyone, and is NOT an official source (i.e. it's not LucasArts). And like Emperor Devon has said twice now, it has no bearing on whether you prefer female or male Revan and what you play each time you load up the game. Yoshi, I'm not going to argue with you about which is better, but suffice to say I don't like the Force Bond's possibility of interfering with the natural progression of the romance between Bastila and Revan (which is something I also don't like with "the General" and his/her followers either) , I also don't like the fact that you spend so little time with Bastila (compared to Carth) and I also don't like the whole "she turned from the DS because of Revan's love" statements. Bastila should turn from the DS not just because she loves Revan but because, more importantly, she knows it's the right thing to do. But that also goes for female Revan on the Temple summit.
  24. Um, I never said the Exile was a strong character, female or not. I was talking about Revan would have made a nice addition to the few strong female characters in the Star Wars galaxy if they had made it canon (I'm not saying they should have, in fact I'm in the camp that it shoudn't have been made canon at all. However, if they had to do it I still considered in a missed opportunity.) Um, she could have lived and fought in the rebellion like Mon Mothma, Bail Organa or Garm Bel Iblis, and stood up to the tyranny that was to come, like she did when the Trade Federation attacked Naboo, but instead she gave up. Even the medic droid says she "lost the will to live". I'm beginning to think it was very out of character of Padme actually. Bad writing. I suggest you check out the forums on KFM, they are anything but silent. Deal. I never would anyway. I only correct people when they talk like Revan being male is the only way to play the game. Anybody that says "Revan is only male, LucasArts said so." I WILL correct them by saying, "Revan is either. As you can choose either at the character creation screen. If the character's were meant to be only male or female then they wouldn't have made it a choice." Same goes for the Exile being only female too. If they don't they are going to lose a HUGE fanbase. All the ladies, and not a few of the men, are going to be seriously hacked off if the "canonical" genders are forced on them. Yoshi626, I know you weren't ridiculing me. I was talking about other things that have happened before mostly on the Bio Boards, in the Onasi Order thread where other players would come in an ridicule us about liking and talking about Dustil, Carth and their relation to Revan. These things along with senseless character bashing (which is strictly forbidden on KFM) drove many of the ladies that posted on BioWare to KFM. Anyway, I think you and I had a recent discussion over there about the advantages/disadvantages of the Bastila vs. Carth romances. A'ja'la here.
  25. Bastila is emotionally unstable (that's not to say she's nuts or anything, but she has a very undeveloped sense of self, which is why she was such an easy target for Malak). And Padme started out strong but when Anakin went to the DS she just gives up and dies. Sorry, I wouldn't call either of them a "strong female character". Actually that's not necessarily true. As I stated before the only reason that there are more votes for male Revan here is because the majority of female players do not post here, they post on KFM. Mostly to get away from being ridiculed for preferring to play as a girl. **gasp** I've been ridiculed before, on this very board*, in my very first post actually, for referring to Revan as she. Which is simply a force of habit (I played Revan as a she the first time, and it stuck). Yet I rarely (if ever) see people get all bent out of shape when someone refers to the Exile or Revan as he. I get the feeling that the community has no idea how insensitive it can be at times to fellow KotORians. So sad. (*and on other boards as well for saying I like the Carth romance, saying that I like female Revan better, heck even for liking Juhani and saying I wished her romance had been implemented. ) And thank you to Emperor Devon for his last post. It really doesn't matter what 'canon' says because no amount of LucasArts stating "Revan is male, Exile is female" is going to stop people from loading up a female Revan game or a Male Exile game.
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