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  1. I think the main gripe with Revan being chosen LSM is that there are very few really strong female characters in Star Wars. Not other fandoms, just Star Wars. I mean I can only really think of three: Leia, Mara Jade, and Yssane Isard, compared to a slew of strong male characters seems a little pathetic. And that Revan, as a LSF, would have been a perfect chance to even the odds a little. A chance which LucasArts passed up. I don't really care either way, what I do care is when fellow fans, in communties, much like this one, that "correct me" when I call Revan she or her, by saying: "Revan is LS male, it's canon, deal with it." Which is just plain wrong. Revan is whatever the heck I want her, him, it to be.
  2. I agree with this. As it's also the reason she despises Sion, because, unlike the Exile, he didn't have the strength to let go of the Force. But I find the OP's theory interesting as well.
  3. Actually, I got the 2nd Mission/Carth convo on Kashyyyk once. I heard that they cut her for balance issues, between the female PC and male PC romances. As Juhani and Carth were supposed to be romance options for female PC's and just Bastila for male PC's.
  4. I voted female, because that's what I first played. That and I like the Revan/Carth romance better than the Revan/Bastila romance (that does not mean that I don't like Bastila though) . However, polls like this will always be inaccurate. I mean there's actually a poll like this one over at KFM and female Rev has more votes. But I think that's because that's where the majority of female players have taken refuge. **shrug**
  5. One thing that's always bugged me about the Council's excuse of "there's a bigger threat out there and we're waiting for it to reveal it's self" was that they didn't know when this threat was going to reveal itself it could have happened in one week, tomorrow, or fifty years from now. They didn't know. And I can't understand how they could let whole worlds burn (Cathar, the Iridonian colonies) while they were waiting for something to happen, that might not even have happened in their lifetime. Another thing that has always annoyed me was that when Exar Kun started the Sith War the Jedi helped the Republic. When Malak and Revan attacked the Republic the Jedi helped then. But when the Mandalorians attack the Republic the Jedi do nothing? Does this mean that only wars started by fallen Jedi matter to the Council?
  6. Best voices in K1: Carth. Some of the cut dialogue after the Leviathan was different if you were playing as a female character. Raphael Sbarge's delivery of it had me, literally, in tears. Juhani. I couldn't really pinpoint one thing, but I always really felt the pain and anger in Juhani's voice when she spoke of Taris. And her confrontation with Xor? Wow. Worst in K1: Any freaking alien voice that repeats the same phrase over, and over, and over, and over....Ugh! Best of K2: Kreia: Sara Kestelman was fabulous. Bao: Screaming fangirl here, of course I was going to say Bao. Sion: Sion's voice gives me goose-bumps. **shivers** Worst of K2: Atton. Nicky Katt was great at delivering sarcastic one liners, however, when the dialogue gets more serious I found his voice acting completely lacking. Especially if Obsidian wanted us to feel any kind of sympathy for him. Handmaiden. Maybe it's just my dislike for her character, but I find her voice very annoying. And you can really blame Mical for bad writing. He can't help it if Obsidian gave everyone but Bao and Visas annoying battlecries.
  7. I've wondered of late if Kae was exiled, not because she had a child, but because of the affair that came along with it- I would imagine that that is not something the Order would smile upon- as Brianna says that her father was pledged to another that was not her mother.
  8. Ethan Phillips also does the voice of one of the infected outcasts in the Undercity and the guy that's with his wife outside the enclave on Dantooine, too. I'm trying to remember if he did any voices on Kashyyyk or Tatooine.
  9. That's why I created sub folders for all mine in my override folder. So it would be easy to get rid of the ones I didn't like Anyway, I have cjt2020's Carth Romance Mod Fix and it's bonus convo, Shem's Force Power feat gain, the Bastila on Korriban mod, and a mod that I have no idea where I downloaded it from, but it adds Juhani's conversations about the planets back into the game. I think it's one of Stoffe's.
  10. No, he's not. He just hero worships your character a little too much, like Juhani in K1.
  11. Peragus, Citadel Station, Telos, Dantooine, Dxun/Onderon Part I, Nar Shaddaa, Dxun/Onderon Part II, Korriban, Dantooine
  12. Meh, I never keep track. Probably a couple of days for both, barring any major set backs.
  13. I think Mira's "cold" act is just that and act. I mean when you train her as a Jedi she seems very passionate. It could also be because of the cut convo's between Atton and Mira that Atton thinks Mira is "cold" (Atton's asking her about Di): Atton: What's up with that guy? I don't trust him. Mira: {Shrugs} I don't know, but she seems to trust him, so it's all right with me. Atton: {A little relieved} Well, that's good to hear. Thought I had some competition there. Mira: Oh, well, it's not really a competition. I mean, you're kind of an idiot, Atton. And you don't shower enough. And you scratch your... equipment... when you think no one's looking. Don't take it too hard, though. That still makes you better than most people I've met on Nar Shaddaa. Or Atton: That guy - I don't trust him. Mira: I do. {Shrugs} I mean he's all right, I guess. He's like someone who watches too many holovids. Or teaches them. He'd get beaten to death on Nar Shaddaa almost as soon as he landed, though. Atton: {A little relieved} Yeah, you're right. He's boring. Mira: Yeah, and that puts him a few ranks up the ladder from you. Atton: What's that supposed to mean? I'm not boring. Mira: {Matter-of-fact} No, you're more like a shifty, lying idiot with a tendency to complain about every little thing and offer only small bits of helpful advice if pressured. Don't take it too hard, though. That still makes you better than most people I've met on Nar Shaddaa.
  14. You can turn her back from the DS no matter what. Your gender has nothing to do with it. I like Bastila, but I hate her clothes (they're pink and pink is evil) and (don't kill me) I hate the Bastila romance. Yep. That's what I said. It screams high school to this girl. And if I had been Bastila I wouldn't have given Revan the time of day. When I played male Revan and romanced Bastila, I put myself in her place and all it seemed like to me was that Revan was trying to get her into the sack with him. Not really a turn on there, IMHO. But I love Bastila's character and I think after her fall she would be one of the greatest Jedi Knights the Order ever had. I also think that her fall prevented her from becoming something akin to how Atris is when we meet her in K2.
  15. Er, you can make Atton a Jedi period. Gender has nothing to do with it.
  16. I would play as the Exile, because I like the Exile better. Party would consist of: Bao-Dur (of course), Atton, Disciple (Mical), Visas, Mira, T3-M4, Jolee, Juhani, Mission, Zaalbar (because you can't have Mish without Big Z ). Playing as the Exile, I wouldn't have Carth because well he belongs with F!Revan. Same for Bastila goes with M!Revan.
  17. I think they didn't mention Juhani (LS or DS) because 1) you can kill her in the grove and 2) you can kill both Jolee and Juhani if you go DS at the temple. It kinda of annoys me though, because I always like both of them and wanted to see them if I set Revan to LS.
  18. Oh, I wasn't talking past relationship, but rather a relationship that did not involve another member of the crew, a la M!Exile/Atris. Atris loves M!Exile, and perhaps Sion loves F!Exile in some wierd twisted way.
  19. Hope this hasn't been discussed before, but do you think maybe Sion is supposed to be the female PC's equivilant of male Exile and Atris? Check out the difference in the dialog that Sion has with M!Exile compared to F!Exile: [Male Player on Korriban] Her apprentice is here. Find him. *** [Angry, advancing on the player] Did you come here for answers? There are non. The call of Korriban is strong, but it is the call of the dead. It is fitting you came here. I have studied you and found nothing but weakness. [disgusted] Yet still she clutches at you as if you are all that gives her life. [insert player dialog about Kreia here] I have studied you. I know that paths you walked in exile. I know your teacher. I know the fires that rage upon the Dxun moon while the Republic died around you. You know war. You know battle and I know of Malachor. [disgusted, cant believe it] You saw the heart of war, what Malachor wrought, yet you turned away from it. You are a wretched thing, a thing of weakness and fear. You are her apprentice in name only. I am the Master, and that is why you will die. [After the battle, in which Exile and Co. flee] [Furious, cant understand it, but makes him jealous of male player] She protects him, shields him. Find him. Hunt him wherever he travels. He will not escape me again. I will bring his corpse to her, cast it at her feet. I will be as if killing her children. I will kill all she protect, all she shields, until her hands are drenched in blood. [Female player Korriban] She is here. Find her. *** [Quiet, advancing on the player] Did you come here for answers? There are none. The call of Korriban is strong, but it is the call of the dead. I have studied you, immersed myself in you. I know the paths you walked in exile. I know your teacher. I know the fires that raged upon the Dxun moon while the Republic died around you. You know war. You know battle. And I know of Malachor. [understanding] You know what it means to be broken. The one who travels with you will destroy you, as she did me. I can end it before it begins. [same questions as male player after this, but after the battle you get this:] [Quiet] Do not harm her. I command it. She... has earned this. She and I will meet again. [On Malachor:] Male player: So you have come to die, like the Jedi before you. This planet is a graveyard for your kind. She thinks you should be spared, but only so you might suffer. You will break. And when you do, you will die. Why she would bother with one such as you is something I will never understand. [Dialog options eventually lead to-] I am ready for you, Exile. I have waited years to see the last of the Jedi fall before me. Only one may serve my Master. [Convo after the first fight are the same] [Convo after the second fight] [Guarded] You are strong... perhaps she was correct about you. But you cannot kill me. She knows this. [Convo after the third fight] [Vicious, brutal- realized he may be out-matched] You will not pass. [Convo after final battle] I will not fall. I cannot die [broken] Why... why did she choose you? What make you able to defeat me, defeat me here? [sion’s last line] Kreia, she will try to break you, to teach you how far someone can fall. Her weakness... is you. She has done all this... all of it... for you. Female Player You should not have come to Malachor. She will break you, your mind, your body... you will be lost. Return to the surface, let the planet claim you, as it claimed the other Jedi... there is no reason for you to suffer at her hands. [Exile asks if he is showing her mercy] It is not mercy. What awaits you will weaken you. She will break you, as she did me, and you will no long know yourself. [Exile asks why] You and her are alike... yet different, in all the ways that matter. And I hate you as I hate her. [trying to describe love] I hate you because you crawl within my head as she does, but your presence holds not thoughts, no teachings, you are just... there, unspoken. I hate you because you are beautiful to me. And in that weakness lies death. [a little quieter] Perhaps in that weakness is the death of my master, as well. [After second battle] [slight admiration]You are strong… as strong as I had believed. [Grim] But she knows you cannot defeat me. Surrender now, return to the surface of Malachor… do not force me to destroy you. [After the third battle] [Resigned, realized he may be out-matched] If I die here, then you will have sealed your fate. [After final battle] I will not fall. I cannot die [broken] Why... why did she choose you? What make you able to defeat me, defeat me here? [sion’s last line] Kreia, she will try to break you, to teach you how far someone can fall. Her weakness... is you. As you were mine. I am glad to leave this place at last. This was taken directly from the .tlk files, but all of it appears in game, so in other words, none of this is cut content.
  20. I am big supporter of Disciple. I've defended him until my fingers were worn to the bone and my brain had turned to mush. That's not to say he's shacking up with my Exile (Heck no! That spot is reserved for Bao ) because she keeps seeing the boy he was not the man his is, but she is interested in him in a Master/Student relationship. I think Di gets the short end of the stick, because he is naive (but not totally, if he was he wouldn't question the Jedi at all), and not really attractive (his hair is way too blonde for my taste) but he is also intelligent. I mean it took the Council years to figure out what the Exile was and it took Di only about, what three weeks, to figure it out?
  21. These are the only times that I know Bastila says anything to Juhani: Freeing them from the Leviathan: Well done, Juhani. In freeing us from the cell you have proven yourself truly worthy of the title of Jedi. Speaking to Juhani upon returning to enclave after meeting her in the grove:This has been a painful lesson, Juhani, but it seems you have learned it well. I am certain you will be a credit to the Order. And on the Temple Summit after Bastila has gone all DS: Shut up, Juhani! You know nothing of the dark side's true potential! When you felt its touch you fled to a cave and cowered in terror! And the first two always sounded slightly condescending to me.
  22. Want to hear an interesting theory I read somewhere? Bear with me this deals with midi clorians (or whatever those things are called). The Exile is severed/cut/deafened whatever you want to call it, from the Force, however she can still use it because she can "hear" the Force (midi clorians) in others (Atton, Kreia, Bao etc.). Kreia says when you escape Peragus: "Perhaps you can hear the Force again... distantly, through me."
  23. Yep. You have to have a intelligence of 15+ and a fairly decent computer skill.
  24. Other. My vote goes for Sion. Just cause his voice gives me goosebumps.
  25. T3 mentions to the Exile that he came looking for her specifically. But why me? I was powerless... defenseless. You needed the last of the Jedi... the last hero of the Mandalorian Wars. Me. or You needed someone strong enough to fight the danger that was coming. Also I don't think Kreia was on the Ebon Hawk originally (before it was attack by the Sith warship) Kreia says: When we intercepted the Harbinger, it was crippled, drifting in space. It was a simple matter to board the vessel and rescue you. {Sighs}Unknown to me, however, the Sith were already on board. Just as we made the jump to hyperspace, they fired upon us, nearly destroying the Ebon Hawk. How could she intercept the Harbinger if she was already on board the Ebon Hawk which was on board the Harbinger?
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