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  1. Not to my knowledge. I found it in the .tlk files when I was looking for something that Visas said about Katarr, but I've never heard it in game.
  2. And also this from the .tlk files: Atris: {Contemptuous}I did not flee. I did what was necessary to fight the Sith - and preserve the last of the Jedi. {A little distant, like watching a scene far away} Yes... I sensed what would happen on Katarr. It was I who leaked knowledge of its presence in the hopes of drawing the Sith out. I will not deceive you... I knew what could happen there, but it had to be done to make the Sith reveal themselves. But I did not know the extent of their power - and what that meant for the Jedi. I will not underestimate them again.
  3. I love the phrase "corroding my good name" that HK uses when he learns about the HK-50's. And "Mockery: Am I all right?" just the tone of voice makes me laugh.
  4. Bao-Dur: Hey General, you okay? Exile: What are you talking about? Bao-Dur: You look like you've been standing too close to one of my shield generators. Exile: You sure you haven't been chewing on power cables? Bao-Dur: Whoa, claws out today aren't they?
  5. There will be no reveiw for Hanharr, because well, I've never played a DS game. And probably never will. DS just has absolutely no appeal to me. I also play mostly as a female Exile so with the exception of Handmaiden most of these comment will be geared with my female Exile, Isan, in mind. That said here's what I think: Atton: Atton was good. I liked Atton, he was great guy to go out and have a juma with and I liked the fact that he was guy that was just thrown into things. However, as much as I can see Atton being friends with my Exile I cannot, cannot see it going any farther than that. Kreia: Holy freaking snot! What a great character! As opposed to alot of what I read on the boards (not so much here but over on Obsidian) I liked talking to Kreia and she had a lot to say about things I wanted to know about like Sion, Nihilus, Atris and Revan. Although she did spend most her time on the ship (I found that this is the only way I can keep my full influence with her). I also found the way she treats female Exile and male Exile interesting. Maybe it's just my perception, but she seems to like and respect F!Exile more. Bao-Dur: Very Good. Favorite in fact. I find it hard to agree with people that there isn't alot to his character. There is alot, you just have to take him with you to see it, because that's the only way to gain influence with him. I like that he felt guilty about destroying the Mandalorians in the way that he did, yet still hated them. I liked Remote. I also liked his dry sense of humor (the "claws out today" and "I'll take the stupid one" lines had me falling out of my chair laughing). And I think he is the best fighter you have after Jedifying him (with the exception of Di). If there was a Bao romance I would so be there. Even without it though in my mind he is the person my Exile ends up with. He is also the only person on the whole freaking ship that has even the remotest idea of what happened to the Exile at Malachor (with the exception of maybe Visas) which makes them much closer, IMHO. Disciple (Mical): I find it hard to peruse the boards because of all the Di hating I find. I like Disciple. I think he'll make a wonderful Jedi. I liked the past connection he had to the Exile. I felt bad that my Exile had left him and so he couldn't become a Jedi. I never, not once, got a "stalker" vibe from him. **shrug** All in all a good character, IMNSHO. Not to mention he totally kicks Sith (and every other kind of) butt. Mira: I like Mira I could so see her and my Exile becoming friends. She had some of the best freaking voice acting in the game. The scene where you turn her into a Jedi, literally, had me in tears. I think Mira as a Jedi will bring some "reality" to the Jedi Order that is seriously lacking and give her a place something I think she always wanted. Mandalore: I never got much out of Mandalore being the hopeless lightsider I am, but still I liked Canderous from the first game and so it carries over. I'm probably one of the few who think that his being Mandalore is not that far of a stretch. He did say he needed a purpose and what better than to help his people become one again? T3-M4: Loved the little bugger. In K1 I never paid much attention to T3, but in K2 they finally gave him a personality. It was understandable that he wouldn't have much personality in the first game though seeing that he was brand new and droids only gain personality quirk over time and lack of memory wipes. HK-47: Like Mandalore, I didn't get much out of HK, but still who doesn't love a homicical droid? And the HK pacifist package had me once again falling out of my chair. Also some of HK's comments about the HK-50's made me laugh ("corroding my good name"). Go-To: I like Go-To as a character but as a party member I think he's useless. Everything he can do T3 can do better. Visas: I really liked Visas. My first play through she and Bao-Dur made up my party most of the time. Her relationship with Nihilus still has me raising my eyebrows as to the extent of it. One of the conversations with Visas makes me think that she would be the perfect match for my M!Exile, Zane: Visas: To see everything around you extinguished... it... was as if I was blinded. It was as if the Force had... been bled from the world. Exile: ...as if everything suddenly went silent. Visas: I imagine there are worse deaths, worse pain. But if there are, I do not know them. Like Bao-Dur she knows exactly what it was like to feel so much death on such a scale and live through it. Besides she's a Miraluka, how cool is that? Handmaiden (Brianna): I certainly hope you guys will forgive me for this, but... Handmaiden annoys me and came off as far to self centered and childish for my taste. I mean I talk to Visas once once and she won't talk to me anymore? How silly is that? That's not to say that I hate her, I'm just indifferent to her. One thing that I did like about having Brianna in my party was that you learned more about Atris Well, that's everybody right? On the whole I liked all the characters from K2 with the exception of Go-To.
  6. I'm going to be refering to Revan as female for the sake of sanity, so don't shoot me okay? Revan does recover all her memories so perhaps she remember that she was the one who ordered the attack, but Malak and Saul Karath carried it out. I always found it was odd that everyone would know that Malak gave the order. Why would average joes in the galaxy know that? I've found other references to Revan destroying Telos in some of Atris' cut dialog. That it was a retreat place for the Jedi, if something ever happened to Dantooine or Coruscant. I actually like it better this way (it being Revan's fault) since I always thought that putting the blame solely on Malak was a cop out, was not showing just how bad Revan really was when she was the Dark Lord. I also liked some of the other things that obisidian did with Revan, the Sith assassins that Atton belonged to (which are sort of mentioned in K1, by several random Jedi at the enclave), and the idea of Revan finding information about the Star Forge at the Trayus Academy (or at least that was my impression).
  7. Especially considering her body disappears and you can loot an implant off her.
  8. I hate the fact though that they assumed that **all** female players killed her, because I certainly didn't (except the first couple of times, because I didn't hit the right dialog options, but that doesn't mean I liked killing her, nor that I wanted to). My female PC and Bastila became friends and I can see that bond between them growing so much stronger after the PC's realization and Bastila's fall, so I was very disappointed about not seeing her (save the Korriban vision) when I told Atton Revan was female and LS.
  9. Siding with the mercenaries is not the only way to get the thorium charges from Akkere. All you have to do is, BEFORE you talk to him about his hydrospanner being in the droids, ask him to join the militia he'll ask you to buy the charges from him. If you do, then he'll join the militia and you can blow up the door on the mandalorian cache (or the one in the academy).
  10. I've had something similar happen occasionally. While fighting those first three droids sometimes my companions (usually Juhani, Jolee or Bastila) will open that first door where the Selkath are and start attacking them while I'm still trying to take down the droids.
  11. I voted for HK, since Carth was not an option. Which I find highly annoying. Carth has a HUGE fan base, perhaps not on this forum, but elsewhere, that is just as big as Bastila's.
  12. There's also the fact that Nemo went alone and you (Revan) went in there the first time with Malak and the second time with Bastila and probably someone else (in my case, Carth).
  13. I see the Exile's story as moving on and letting go of the past, Malachor V and everything that happened there.
  14. And the fact Bao said my Exile's new choice of clothing was "a pleasant distraction" so it's not that far of a stretch. With a comment like that he obviously thinks the Exile is nice looking maybe even sexy. And who the heck said that all romance options had to be human? I know plenty of guys that would have liked to have romanced Yuthura and tons that think Visas is the end all. And last time I checked they weren't human.
  15. It's only the Rakghoul Fiends that poison you so take them out first.
  16. I wanted a romance with Bao-Dur. Feel lucky that Atton showed at least some interest in your character beyond "Yes, General?" *grumbles*
  17. I was under the impression that the Jedi Council never joined the Mandalorian Wars, and only joined the Jedi Civil War because they had no choice?
  18. Vrook does mention that Kavar "took to war more the a Jedi should" but I figured that meant the Jedi Civil War.
  19. They also say that Atton was hitting to wound not kill, in other words he was just trying to knock them out and get away long enough to warn the rest of the crew.
  20. At the point when the Harbinger picks up the Exile I think Carth just wanted to know if the Exile had seen Revan, not necessarily find him/her.
  21. If you play as male Exile after meeting Mical in enclave, when you return to Khoonda you get a cutscene of Mical contacting Carth: "This is Mical, I have found the Exile." And if you play as a female Exile there are three confrontation between Mical and Atton. The third one being Atton accusing Mical of being a spy, after he discovers that Mical had been sending a message to the Republic.
  22. The Harbinger was not at Telos when it picked up the Exile it was on it's way to Telos, being diverted from going to Onderon when it picked up the Exile (I always assumed that this is why s/he is surprised that it was headed for Telos, because s/he intended to go to Onderon) . The HK-50 was already on board when the Exile boarded the ship, he recognized her/him from the holorecords that Atris made public. After the Harbinger received the distress call from the Ebon Hawk (that they were being attacked by a Sith warship) the HK-50 saw his chance to get off the Harbinger with the Exile. He begans to sabotage the Harbinger (he implies this on Peragus and the Harbinger captain mentions something about engine failures and problems with the weapons array) and drugs the Exile locking him/her in cargo hold. Kreia, who was either playing dead on the Ebon Hawk or who came on board the Harbinger when the Exile did, finds the Exile and manages to make it to the Ebon Hawk with him/her, but, unfortunately so does the HK-50. During all this Sion and his assassins are killing the crew of the Harbinger one by one. As the Ebon Hawk was leaving Sion fired on it from the Harbinger which got it into the state that it is during the prologue. As to how Kreia got on the Harbinger is really a mystery. I personally like the theory that she was already following the Exile long before s/he boarded the Harbinger and boarded it with her, but when they found the Ebon Hawk and the Sith ship she realized that Sion was there and she needed to get the Exile off the Harbinger.
  23. Just a couple of theories. There is also the possibility (however unlikely) that Kreia was not on the Ebon Hawk when it was attacked the first time by the Sith warship. The captain of the Harbinger mentions that they took on passengers when the Exile came on board. It is entirely possible that Kreia was one of them, following the Exile. (As to why the Exile wouldn't recognize her as such, Kreia does have the ability to mask her presence from people.) When the Harbinger went to look for the Ebon Hawk after it recieved the distress signal and took the Ebon Hawk on board, the HK saw his chance to leave with the Exile. Kreia found the Exile and left the ship using the Ebon Hawk to escape. Does Kreia ever say she was on the Ebon Hawk before it was taken on board the Harbinger? If Kreia was on board the Ebon Hawk she could have been one of the "dead" bodies. She does afterall have the ability to "play dead" as it were.
  24. ^^Yep. Mical says he grew past the age of exception so he would be about 10-13, when the Exile left to go to war. So it is possible that he an Bastila were both trained for a while by the Exile. **shrug**
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